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    Where to set up my LLC?

    socialchair Newbie

      I am a first-time small-business (ecommerce) owner trying decide where to set up my llc. I will be the only member, and I currently pay income taxes in New York. However, it seems like New York is very expensive to file my LLC forms, and charges a more expensive LLC tax. The other places I'm considering for setting up the company are Illinois (where my wholesaler is based, and where I'll be doing a lot of business), Maryland (where my family home is located), or Delaware (because this seems to be a cheap and easy option). Can anyone weigh in on the pros and cons of setting up my LLC in one of these states vs. the others?

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          creativeiads Wayfarer
          To set up llc in other states you need to have a registered agent address local to that state. PO box is not allowed.

          Mike Varavooru,

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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Where to set up my LLC?, Welcome

            Who are you?? Go to Members page and share some info.

            Every person in business should have both an accountant and a lawyer.

            Ask your professional.
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              bentenn Adventurer
              My first question to you is why you are bothering setting up an LLC when a sole proprietorship may be the simplest and best form for your business. If you have an ecommerce site where you are buying and selling products online, you may be just fine being an SP so long as you remember to purchase at least $1mm in liability insurance which you will want to have anyway - regardless of how you form your business. And since you will be the only partner, I ask why you would want to go through the trouble, time and effort to file for an LLC.

              If you still have questions, you can review your situation with a no cost professional advisor from the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) near you. The SBDC is a resource of the SBA and provide no cost counseling, assitance with setting up business plans, etc. Go to then Local Resources and then SBDC to find your local center.

              May I suggest you keep it simple and low cost and then use your energy to maximize your sales effectiveness. Good luck. Ben