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    Funding a Non Profit/For Profit conversion question.

    1quest Newbie
      I am a Writer/Director located in Canyon Lake Texas. Located between San Antonio and Austin.

      I have written a comedy about a dysfunctional Home Owners Association called "HOA".

      I need to raise 30K to produce the 120 minute feature film. If it makes it to DVD, it will probably earn a minimum 2M. Returns will be much higher if picked up for distribution to theaters.

      My question is, could this include a business model as follows?

      The oppertunity be placed as a donation to a unincorporated non-profit (the performing arts) entity to give tax benifits to the individual(s) involved.

      If the project becomes profitable the investors will share in the profit at such time the entity will convert to a for profit corporation.

      Thank You
      John Quest