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    nbk6115 Newbie
      Does anyone know where I can get a great website for my business for free?
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          The cheapest, easiest way that I know of is to create a blog and modify to look more like a web site. To see how, check out these 10 free videos on



          This will allow you to create something relatively basic. Then you can read up on Wordpress and some other forums how to choose an appropriate theme based upon your functionality needs.


          Other options are to go to the different hosting companies (i.e. Go Daddy, Hostgator, etc..) and see what web site building options they have to go along with their hosting services.


 was offering a web site for $4.99. Not free, but close. Check to see who owns the domain name. Some sites allow you to create blogs/sites, but they own the rights to the URL. If you ever decide to move to a new hosting company, you have to start all over if you don't own the URL.


          Hope this helps.


          Doug Dolan

          The Solopreneur's Guide

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            bentenn Adventurer
            One option is to not set up a website but rather set up a Facebook or LinkedIn page with all the of the same information. Both of these sites and others are free, can include all your info including videos, pictures, etc. and can be done quickly and easily by anyone. Just follow the steps.

            But these solutions may not be right for you as it depends on the size and nature of your business, who you are trying to communiate with, if you wish to sell via the site, etc. If a website is vital for your business and you have some sort of marketing budget already set up in your business plan, may I suggest that instead of looking for the lowest cost option that you look for the most effective option - one that will truly benefit your business.

            Good luck. Ben
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              Hymesdesign Adventurer
              Depends on exactly what you want in a site, the blog idea or the linkedin are both good free solutions, is a good free storefront, and there are plenty of others just keep looking.
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                GhostRider103 Wayfarer
                You will not get a original and unique website for free. Nor will you get a unique logo for free either. These are two extremely important things that you will need for your business to become successful. If you are not unique, then people will have problems identifying your business, from someone elses business that is using the same logo or website look as you.

                Your best bet is to hire a professional web designer. Take a look at and maybe we can help you.

                Good luck with your business.
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                  freewebdesign Wayfarer
                  We think we've got a pretty good design service. And yes, it's free. Feel free to check us out at