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      Do anyone know of pro-bono lawyers that can help with filing legal papers to make the non profit registered with the state.

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          Hello there, I would try your local non profit association, I used to work for MAP (Management Assistance program for non profits) and we have an inhouse lawyer who used to help several non profits with their filings.
          They either did it for free or for a very nominal fee depending on the non profit. Their website is:

          You might want to call them and ask them for a similar organization in IL.

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            LUCKIEST Guide

            in Starting a Business, Welcome

            The Chicago Lawyers' Committee For Civil Rights Under Law (CLCCRUL),, was established in 1969 as a public interest consortium of Chicago law firms to provide pro bono legal services in significant civil rights
            cases. In 2006 the Chicago Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under
            Law includes forty five law firms who donate annually over three
            million dollars worth of professional legal services to poor
            communities, women, and people of color, in substantive areas such as
            housing discrimination, hate crime, employment discrimination, and
            community economic development.


            The mission of the Chicago Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights is to
            promote and protect civil rights, particularly the civil rights of
            poor, minority and disadvantaged people in order to facilitate their
            participation in the social, economic and political systems of our
            nation. The Committee's direction is community driven: that is, the
            agenda and priorities are determined in consultation with the myriad
            community-based organizations in Chicago that have been addressing the
            results of virulent poverty, entrenched segregation, insufficient
            public services, and other barriers to opportunity faced by communities
            of color in Chicago.



            Hope this helps, LUCKIEST

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