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    Budgeting for advertising?

    John_6x6 Adventurer

      To show my appreciation for all of you start-up entrepreneurs, I want to share some insight you may find worth-while. As you know, start-ups often lack an ad budget, and others may not even know where to invest it properly if they did have the money. Everyone's needs are different, but being online with a website to represent yourself or market your business has a common thread.

      If you haven't done so, please read the story I wrote a year ago on this forum. If the link doesn't work, just navigate to the "Stories" tab and you will find 'Lessons Learned Obtaining Web Presence".
      Lessons Learned Obtaining Web Presence

      It is a true failure to success story of one of my clients. The lessons in it could spare you the heartache she experienced her first couple of years in business.

      By the way, the reason I wrote the story was to "pay it forward" for all of the help I received with my business some time ago. This community is a great resource and worthy of the cause. Hope you all will do the same someday.

      Wish you all the best!!