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    Whatever Happened to Customer Service?

    drivetraffic Adventurer
      Where has it gone? Every business that I've ran into lately is lacking what I feel should be the priority of all businesses. This includes warranty companies, air condition and heating companies, plumbing companies, restaurants....I can go on and on. It's becoming outrageous! Today you expect to get bad service before good service. Whenever I receive good customer service, I immediately compliment the business because they are few and far between. It seems as no one believes the customer comes first any more.

      If you are a business owner, and you want to immediately increase your profits, test out your customer service. Pick up the phone and call your own business! See how the person that's answering your phone sounds and responds to questions. Get an associate to test your business if necessary while you listen in. Believe me this will be worth any amount of advertising you can do.

      There is no use spending money driving traffic to your business and have it lost because your customer service is lacking. Customer service will separate you from the competition no matter what business your in.


      I find that a lot of businesses focus on price. This is wrong! You want to be known as where to go to get the best product and service. Not the cheapest price. This is not how to build loyal customers. The customers looking for the lowest price will not be loyal. They will be searching for the next business with the lowest price when they need the service again. That may or may not be you. If you provide good service in your industry, consumers will pay whatever amount of money you charge. They will immediately recognize your worth. Good service has no price tag. You may have realized that you don't have to have the best product if you have better service! But believe me, if your service is lacking you better have the best product or the only product.


      Doesn't everyone know this? You would think this would be a part of Business 101. If everyone knows it, why don't businesses practice it? As a business owner, you should take pride in offering a good product along with good service. If you add this one focus to your business today, I guarantee you'll see an immediate increase in profits and word of mouth advertising.


      In the end this will save you time and money.

      J.P. Marketing, LLC
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          Mike75065 Scout
          Sorry to say this but in certan businesses in america it is all about the bottom line.
          we want the cheapest prices so to higher the best we don't do that any more only
          in few businesses and jobs. This what people want is cheap cheap cheap.


          Sad to say this but Ameica is changing and doesn't look good .



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              LUCKIEST Guide

              Whatever Happened to Customer Service?? Great question


              Customer service is the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase.Customer service is a series of activities designed to enhance the
              level of customer satisfaction – that is, the feeling that a product or
              service has met the customer expectation.Its importance varies by product, industry and customer;


              Customer service may be provided by a person (e.g., sales and service representative),
              or by automated means called self-service. The experience a customer has of a product also affect
              the total service experience, but this is more of a product direct
              feature than what is included in the definition of customer service.


              Customer service is normally an integral part of a company’s <a href="" title="Customer value propos. From that perspective, customer service should be included as part of an overall appr^
              that the quality and level of customer service has decreased in recent
              years, and that this can be attributed to a lack of support or
              understanding at the executive and middle management levels of a
              corporation.<!--Session data-->
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              LUCKIEST Guide
              Whatever Happened to Customer Service

              "Thank You and you're welcome" were once the norm.

              The most frequent response to thanks is "no problem"

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                Lighthouse24 Ranger

                drivetraffic wrote: "If you provide good service in your industry, consumers will pay whatever amount of money you charge. Good service has no price tag."

                I wish that were universally true, but there are too many examples in too many industries where it just isn't. In almost every non-regulated industry these days, there is at least one low-cost competitor that provides almost no service whatsoever (which significantly lowers their operating costs -- and therefore their prices). It creates a huge competitive price gap because, in contrast, really good service is expensive. It doesn't just happen -- you need people to provide it, as well as people to train and manage the people who provide it. So a company that does provide good service has to charge for it (either directly or indirectly), and the majority of American consumers are not willing to pay a significantly higher price for good service. Granted, some consumers are, and there's a niche market to serve them that small business owners can often exploit. But most consumers won't pay the extra that good service costs. Oh, they'll complain when they don't get it -- but even when an alternate provider is readily available that offers excellent service, they'll still chose a low-price/no-service option 4 out of 5 times.

                Consider our own consumer buying habits over the past year. For what percentage of purchases did we consciously seek out and select the best service provider, no matter what they charged? Consider the decisions being made by struggling companies that are fighting for market share in the current economy. Are they initiating radical customer service improvements to secure their position, or in fact are they cutting their training budgets to zero and laying off service and support people?


                As you said, we have almost become conditioned to accept or expect bad service (or no service), so good service is the exception. But when good service costs the business and/or consumer extra to provide/receive (and it usually does), then about 80 percent of the time, consumers will decide it isn't worth it.

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                    drivetraffic Adventurer
                    I do agree with Lighthouse24 on some levels, but I still do believe in my statement. Yes, there will always be heavy competition out there to be "the cheapest in town", but no one can maintain that position forever. Because of current economic times many businesses have found that they have to adjust their prices to stay in business.

                    There are consumers still out there that have money, and aren't just concerned with who's the cheapest. You don't want those consumers anyway. They won't be loyal customers or use your services again. They will be looking for who's the cheapest the next time. Some of you may have heard, "right message, right market, right media". You want to make sure your message is delivered to the right market and you will be able to charge what you want.
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                    greenlight Wayfarer
                    Ok here is the scoop?

                    The big companies keep hiring sorry to say off the street employees to keep costs down. This in return will annoy the .... out of customers. Those clients whom are.... will shop around look for another big company to get .... again. I am sorry but I am old fashioned I want a person who can 1) solve my issue 2) Handle my questions the way I want them answered 3) Get upsold without knowing I am being upsold to. 4) Feel like I am have been taken care of so I don't shop around.

                    Now the way Greenlight Payments, Inc has their reps set up is that each one is trained on all fields. When one person answers they can:
                    Solve your technical Issue
                    Solve your Customer Service
                    or Billing Question
                    And sell you products or services that you need.

                    We at Greenlight Payments do not sell items just to make income we sell to you items that you actually use and need for your business. You don't believe me try calling us I dare you, you will be impressed with any rep that answers at

                    You have nothing to lose call us and I will guarantee you will feel pleasant and uplifted that finally you have found a company that really focuses on the important part of our business that is your business.

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                      dkmyllc Wayfarer

                      I couldn't agree more. I believe in today's market it is more about the bottom line P and L then it is about the customer experience and for that matter even the associate experience.

                      Be business and large enterprise needs to realize no associate no matter how pleasent they are as a person will let that shine through their work environment.

                      Don't for get you are not your business, the clients, the partners, and the associates make up what your business is. To your point most people will pay more simply because the service is better. For example I hate shopping at wal-mart the experience is alway less then satisfactory. This in my opinion is caused by a few different factors; the associates most with few or no benefits and a company that is so strongly focused on offering the best price they for get to "take care" of their customers and associates. I don't mind paying a few extra dollars to shop at Fry's where the people are always helpful the store is always clean and the products they offer are of a wide variety.

                      I think the key to customer service is leading the way as a business owner and being concerned with the satisfaction of your employees. Everyone knows that one small business owner who has had the same 2 or 3 employees for over 10 yrs. It's not a accident, I will bet that employer offers great benefits, a fun, safe work place, and more then anything is honestly interesting in the worries and problems of their employees. They probably don't freak out if one person ran over 30 mins on hours and has to pay a little extra on the next pay period. Remeber if expect your employees to go the extra mile you need to do that for them as well.


                      It really is this simple
                      • Customer Service? We ask customers to let us help them.
                        Timesheets Newbie

                        Our company has put so much emphasis on customer service that we have devised a method of detecting potential issues before the customer even informs us of their problem. We run a web-based time and attendance tracking system called Time Clock Online. It is a Software as a Service so our customers have a little learning to do to get started. It's extremely user-friendly but, of course, everyone learns at a different pace.

                        Our programmers made an overview page of our accounts that enables me to quickly examine whether a customer is optimally using his/her service. If it looks like they might need some tech support, I give them a courtesy call and offer to walk them through the software. Our customers are always thrilled to hear that we are here to help when they need us. Most of the time I have their questions answered within minutes and I have ensured our company a long term customer.

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                          wordperfect Scout

                          I am not an American and have never lived or shopped there, but I found this article and the comments interesting.


                          I am, I think, beginning to notice the opposite effect in China, no, I am not Chinese either but have lived and worked here for a decade.


                          Back home I was always pleasantly surprised by the level of service from Asian store owners, they seemed to go out of their way to get a sale and a happy customer. Arriving in China 10 years ago the most common thing I heard was "meiyou" or don't have, no attempt to even look or check! If it was available, choices were limited and if it was faulty or didn't work, well, you bought another one!


                          Today, the middle class Chinese have more money, more choices and are far more demanding, this is reflected in an improvement in customer service. Of course, there is still a long way to go and bad service is the norm, but I do believe things are changing, I would love to hear other ex pat's opinions.