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    Web marketing

    DafnaR Newbie

      I am looking to publish an online newletter to communicate with my customers. Can anyone recommend a reliable and easy web service to manage my e-mail exploder and design newsletters, etc.?

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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Good luck in publishing an online newsletter to communicate with your customers.
          How soon do you expect to have the newsletter up and running??
          Gave you tried googling "web service to manage my e-mail exploder", there are listings that might
          be what you are looking for.
          Happy Thanksgiving, LUCKIEST
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              DafnaR Newbie
              Thank you.

              Yes. I went to Google first. However, there are dozens of companies and sites which offer this service. I am looking for anyone with good experience to recommend one.

              I looked for online reviews (CNET,, etc.) but was unable to find any feedback.

              How do I choose one?

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                  seankelley Newbie
                  Hi DafnaR,

                  Depending on your needs and budget, you might want to look into iContact. Although you may be restricted in customization and functionality, iContact offers a very reasonably priced email campaign management tool that can also be published as a blog-style newsletter.

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                Ed O'Gee Adventurer
                Go Daddy offers a customizable email solution that you might want to look into. Before you start your newsletter brush up on your understanding of the CAN-SPAM laws. You don't want to be classified as a spammer by your clients or the government.
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                  BarryHurd Wayfarer
                  I would recommend over GoDaddy (LoL, I'm even a reseller for GoDaddy!)

                  ConstantContact has a robust system for keeping in touch with clients and prospects, including the ability to have multiple lists and to see who is reading and who is not. If you need to take it up a step further and have a fully interactive lead management system with drip e-mail marketing capability, I recommend using a company called Entelium located in Seattle (a lower cost alternative to
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                    Momentum Wayfarer
           is one of the best I have used in the past. Easy to manage, send and track email marketing newsletters. Cost effective too.
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                      idealady Newbie
                      I am in agreement with the constant contact group. It is a great way to create, manage, target and track your email marketing efforts. They also have a great community where you can get good insights and ideas.

                      Good luck!
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                        scsurfguy Wayfarer
                        hey dafna,, is a great place to look at.

                        cost effective for small budgets with great ROI
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                          v-guru Newbie
                          I have used constant contact and a company called GOT. Constant is good for autoresponders and GOT is more of a newlsetter type service.
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                            stephan Wayfarer

                            I specialize in E commerce and CMS driven web sites, all web sites I have developed have the capability to send e mail marketing newsletters as well as managing your own contents.

                            Feel free to contact me if you need more info
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                              MoltenJavaDev Newbie
                              Do you want to manage it yourself or have somebody else manage it for you :)
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                                TGA000 Wayfarer
                       Or if you need a bunch of tools go with

                                I use Getresponse and it is fantastic. Less than $200/year.

                                They have full HTML newsletters as well as text. In fact, you can send both types if you like.

                                Also never use They're one of the only companies out there who will take ownership of your domain and/or mailing list if you get a SPAM complaint. And it will take months to sort it out.