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    how to open a restaurant

    abenhamuda77 Newbie
      I would like to open a coffeshop/restaurant , I nees to know the first steps to make that happen
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          ow2007520 Newbie
          hi, maybe u can try to come to china, coz here the western foods is very popular and expensive, i think you can make a good money .
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            how to open a restaurant

            First find a location, Then develop a business plan. Register with the IRS and get a Federal I D Number.
            Also go to Members page and share some info. Good luck
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              I recently sold my restaurant and can give you some of the basics. However, realize since there is a tremendous amount of work to be done, these are more generic definitions and not an all encompassing list.


              1. Focus on a concept.


              2. Search the local area for a good location.


              3. Perform market research to see what restaurants exist in the immediate area. Review their menus, awards, and online write-ups.


              4. Check with a local business broker to see if there are any similar concept restaurants to yours that may be for sale in the area. You may decide to buy an existing restaurant instead of opening one from scratch.


              5. Meet with the local health department to get their requirements for obtaining a food handler's license.


              6. Create a business plan.


              7. Get your legal entity set up and file the necessary paperwork with city, county, state and federal agencies to establish your business.


              8. Secure funding.


              Hope this helps.


              Doug Dolan


              The Solopreneur's Guide