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    HELP! Honest opinions needed please!

    John_6x6 Adventurer
      Please give me your FIRST IMPRESSION of this website home page at The owner of the site an myself would like to know your thoughts.


      1. What does this business site look like to you at first glance?
      2. Would you feel comfortable going to this business?
      3. First impression is what?

      Thank you so much in advance!!!

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          creativeiads Wayfarer
          First impression is I see too much claims on the website. More than self claims people like to see testimonials.
          Provide a link for testimonials if you have.

          Mike Varavooru,

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            drivetraffic Adventurer
            First, I agree with creativeiads about the testimonials. You need to incorporate the testimonials into the home page. Testimonials going down the right side of the page would serve you better than the list of special reports. I would switch the "What Customers Say" Button to "Testimonials". The color combination used isn't very attractive, but I like the idea of the savings bonds. I would probably use some type of discount off the service instead that has the same cost to you.

            The amount of text on each page is overwhelming, so much so that creativeiads overlooked the link to the testimonials. You need more white space. Most customers aren't going to read all that information whether it's good content or not. The address, phone number, and store hours should be located at the top of the page. A lot of customers go to your website to find out where you are and what your hours are (they're very small at the bottom).

            The dinner and a movie box should say "WIN Dinner and a Movie!" or "Enter to Win Dinner and a Movie!" If you don't click on it you wouldn't even know what it was there for.


            J.P. Marketing, LLC
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              DomainDiva Ranger
              This site is like someone who has to keep reminding themselves what it is they do, how they do it and why they do it. That alone would make me shy away as a customer if given a choice. The site is like a puppy, jumping and playing. There is way too much going on here. I know you want to give information but the idea is to get people in the door. If you have freebies, get people in and talk to them about it. The problem with putting all the 'stuff' on the website is that your people then do not know if their customers have all the information, your people ASSUME that they do. That's when trouble starts.

              It is also boxy and the color combination and fonts are difficult. Its visually very distracting and disturbing. I had to force myself to stay and read it.

              You need to find a web designer and a copywriter that tell you NO a lot. (Don't feel people tell me NO all the time as well).
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                Iwrite Pioneer
                1. At first glance I don't want to read this much about a car repair place. Way too copy heavy. And not a message that speaks to me. I want a great mechanic that I can trust. This doesn't drive me to believe this.

                2. Not really. I feel like something must be wrong or off that he has to make this claim.

                3. It does not evoke trust.

                I want to know that this is a "car guy." Someone that has the expertise and honesty who I can bring my car to and get it repaired correctly the first time without having to take out a loan.

                Sorry but this where I am at.

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                  FoundMoney Newbie
                  I think you've done a fine job overall, with just a few tweaks to suggest.

                  Testimonials up front easy to see/find

                  Break up content with link - too busy @ first glance

                  But great content just spread it out!

                  Good luck

                  Wish you were in my area!

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                    textpros Newbie

                    by all means optimize that image at the top of the home page. The basics to any marketing should be this,
                    present problems in your industry, essentially your giving the solution and why I should trust your co. before
                    you even state the problems in your industry, hence you are no aliging your self with the customers concerns.

                    I'm not looking at it from a design point of view, more from a message. I don't agree with some of the other people
                    saying there is to much content. They may not read it all but they will read it enough to either be sold or informed.

                    Content will help with organic search rankings, change or add it often, it turns the spiders into junkies.

                    You would be better off if you make much of your info downloadable as reports this way you can capture their info
                    and build a data base.

                    Did you know you can send coupons via SMS text? If that sounds interesting to you, either email of call me (Tony)

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                      puzzleman Tracker
                      My opinion is that there is too much.
                      I would not read everything on the page. My suggestion is to shorten up the copy. Make it simple to read and understand.

                      As with the above, a redesign is needed. Get a pro.