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    A company with a social mission?

    Bluesuit Adventurer
      With the holidays coming I thought it would be good to take an assessment on all of the good that businesses are doing. Do you own or are you involved in a business that has a social mission such as helping the environment, combating poverty, fighting crime, etc.? Or does your business do anything to support such efforts?
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          equinina Newbie
          I am the co-founder of a 501c3 called Hearts Across The Hemispheres. It is very new and in early developmental stages. Wouldn't matter if I had a not for profit really as I have been doing this since early 1980's. I have called it "Philanthropy on a budget". I think that no matter what our situation is, there is always a way to help others and/or the planet. I hope to be a very successful and Profitable operation while always finding a way to give back. Solid advice from others who may be involved in anything similar is appreciated and if i can offer anything, I would be happy to do so.
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              blitzlocal Adventurer
              Equinina-- as well as all the other 501(c)(3) organizations out there:

              Did you know that Google has a program called Google Grants, whereby they give you a click budget of up to $10k a month, no strings attached? It's basically like AdWords-- but they don't charge you.
              We manage these accounts pro-bono for a number of large non-profits-- some with budgets as high as $50k a month (you can ask for exceptions). So there's nothing to lose:
              go to and apply-- they give out grants each quarter. You can then choose search terms that are related to your cause.
              And if you want, you can ask us to manage your AdWords account-- we allocate some portion of our time to non-billable projects such as these.

              internet advertising for local businesses
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              LUCKIEST Guide
              Bluesuit, Thanks for asking. I am a volunteer and also on the Board of a program to help address
              community needs by recruiting volunteers to lend their time and expertise in community service
              to non-profit agencies and proprietary nursing homes and in so doing to provide them with meaningful
              and on-going volunteer opportunity.
              Serving others is a noble gesture. The community had been very good to me over the past 40 years
              and now it is my turn to give back by supporting non profits.
              What goes around, comes around. LUCKIEST
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                Ed O'Gee Adventurer
                My business supports and I am on the board of Ending the Cycle Inc. Our organzation is dedicated to providing educational, vocational, and employment opportunities to inner city and rural underpriviledge youth.
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                  Bluesuit Adventurer
                  Thanks for the inspiration feedback. It is reassuring to hear that people are giving back to their community. Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!
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                    golfheaven Adventurer
                    We give back to the community through the midnight golf program