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    Help on starting an In-home Montessori Program with an L2

    Angharad Newbie

      Can anyone help or point me in the right direction?

      I am originally from the UK and am looking to start an In-home Montessori Childcare program. I am a fully qualified AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) Montessori Directress. My husband and I are in the states for work purposes. He holds an L1 visa and I an L2, we also have a 19mth old daughter who was born in Canada.

      There is a serious need and demand for quality childcare where we are and whilst I am looking for start this business from my home I would also like to look for bigger premises and open a Montessori school.

      In order to do something like this we would need to make the US our home, which we are very keen to do. But I dont know how to go about 1)opening a business under my L2 Visa and 2) if this would assist us in applying for permant residency in the states. I dont want to get to the point where I have established this school only to have to leave it.

      I also dont know if I would be able to apply or receive any funding or grants for this particular project.

      I would appreciate any advise or help.