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    intechspecial Ranger

      Bank of America Small Business Community -

      Please allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is Mike Stratton, and I am a freelance web designer.

      Please take a moment to visit my company home page, even if you are not in need of a website.

      Enjoy & Kudo's to my Local Supporters in NE Ohio!


      Mike Stratton
      Freelance Web Designer @ Your Service!
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          DomainDiva Ranger
          You are getting there. Delete all the stuff about family and friends and comedy. Customers do not want to see anything personal about vendors they employ, and friends may not want their information posted on the web. The banner header looks nice but does not relate to what you do. why don't you get some technical information to stream across the top of the page?
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            Hymesdesign Adventurer
            Honestly this looks like a flash template stuck in the header of an html/php template of some sort or another. It's far from bad but it's not exactly screaming hire me either, I have seen far worse people get work so good luck to you and if you did actually do the header your self I apologize I'm sure it took some effort, but it does look identical to a flash header that I know anybody can buy for like $20.
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              intechspecial Ranger
              DomainDiva -

              Thanks for your feedback, but please review the website just a bit more before making a decision in regards to my target market.

              All feedback is appreciated - good, bad or indifferent.
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                  intechspecial Ranger

                  Hym5edesign -

                  The Flash Header is not the normal type of flash header, as it does not draw from a PSD file. Rather it draws from an XML document for it's image source. This allows persons without access Adobe Flash software to utilize adobe flash headers! Just a little bit of knowledge in regards to the code behind the flash makes this a remarkable user interface.

                  The graphic design within the flash header is my work!

                  As well, use of Adobe Flash development that makes a call to an XML document is great for SEO. Currently a website that is completely flash based is horrid for SEO, unless use of an XML document.

                  As far as Website Templates, my company sales professionally designed templates at unbelievable rates! A graphic designer and html coder could take days upon days to get it right, costing thousands of dollars. With use of Website template, you get better results as:
                  1. You can "test drive" your website and view what the finished product will look like.
                  2. All of the hard work is already done, and website is guaranteed to match standards!
                  3. More time is spent on the backend development, cutting costs by at least 75% or more!

                  For corporate entities and medium sized business, this might not be the best avenue to take, as they can afford the extremely high costs associated with web design companies offering "Original Design".

                  Finally my company is not only in the business of web design, we are in the business of advocating for people in need, and volunteering for non profits.

                  Our volunteer web design services has allowed us to reach all four corners of the globe.

                  Please go to to learn more.

                  "You don't have to be mentally ill to do something good for society".
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                  intechspecial Ranger
                  I apologize that it has taken so long to respond to your posts, my schedule has been completely full.

                  Thanks for your interest in our Web Design & Development services.
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