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    What is your biggest question about marketing your business?

    drivetraffic Adventurer
      I wanted to ask and see what types of problems other small business owners are having marketing and advertising their businesses.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          marketing your business,


          You offer an ebook course for small business owners to learn how to market and advertise their small businesses, no matter what the industry is, utilizing the tools available on the internet regardless of what their marketing budget may be.
          Soon to be offering small business advisory services for marketing and advertising.

          So my answers to your questions about marketing will be used by you and your advisory service??
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            LadyPR Wayfarer
            Hi Drive Traffic,

            What a great question. With running my business I would say that the majority of my issues come from trying to stay ahead of the trends while also managing my business.

            Yes twitter, facebook and all of the other wonderful networking sites are great, however right now I believe that those avenues are beginning to become over saturated. Where do I look for the next big thing that is cost effective (free) and isn't currently already overly dominated by millions of businesses trying to market their products?

            My strategy has been looking for up and coming social networking sites that are specifically targeted towards my demographic: businesses that cater to women. I have found about 10 new networking sites that are still developing but are building a strong following. My goal is to get there first before it becomes second nature for businesses.

            What are some other ways that I can stay ahead of the hype?


            Thanks again for the great questions!

            Yours in success,
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                drivetraffic Adventurer


                I think your online strategy with social networking is one great way to try to stay ahead of the hype, and many small businesses have to be cost effective with the marketing that they use. One thing I would also say though is not to neglect the power of networking face to face. Also a FREE strategy. Since the internet has proven to be very powerful and cost effective, offline marketing gets put to the side sometimes.

                Be sure to participate in offline networking groups that cater to your demographic also. Most of the time you'll find that the competition for what you do is not overly saturated in those situations. Seek out groups and make them aware of your services. Through participation, you can build your own following, and direct them directly to your site. If you drive the offline traffic directly to you online, they'll be there looking for you. Offer an incentive to visit you online, from there you can build your own social networking site (forum within your own site).

                The other thing you get from interacting within networking groups are ideas on how other people are marketing their businesses. Pay attention to their ideas, even if they're not in your industry. I've found that marketing that works for one industry, will work across all industries. Better yet, marketing that is working in another industry, will usually work better for you because it will be something out of the norm in your industry. You will stand out in the crowd. Being original will always keep you ahead of the hype.

                Hope this helped.

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                JMerrittCo Newbie
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