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    Small Business Finance Need...go figure...

    jolapa Newbie
      My business is a primarily web based Career Consulting Service.

      We provide Resume and Cover Letter writing, but our real product is the Web site we build you to serve as an online portfolio. It is 6 pages and houses all the information you would want a prospective employer to know about you.

      I am looking for any place I can go or apply to for financial assistance.

      My wife and I live on our salary as church Media Pastors, which doesn't leave much room for business costs.

      I am primarily looking for advertising and technology monies.

      Anyone with any suggestions or advice please chime in.

      Thanks in advance for your help.

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          phanio Pioneer
          A lot depends on how much you are seeking and what the funds are to be used for. Some banks offer start-up loans in very small amounts or can work with you through the SBA.

          There are micro-credit lenders and peer-to-peer soical lending groups that can provide funds for up to $25K or so.

          And, there are asset based lenders if your business or you perosnally have assets (physical or financial) that can be used as collateral.

          There are also many lenders that provide either credit cards (that can used for business expenses) or unsecured personal loans where the proceeds can be used for any purpose including for your business.

          Don't forget about asking your friends and family for help.

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            investment066 Newbie
            You can get eay funds online.
            You can join some network of investors such as the midwest investment network and find investors for your business.
            This can be of great help!