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    Need ideas on marketing a 4M+ real estate rental portfolio

    PassiveIncome Newbie
      Hello all! Any advice would be gladly appreciated!

      I am a licensed N.C. and S.C. real estate broker located in Charlotte, NC. I currently have a 50+ residential portfolio with tenants, leases, and security deposits in place. All properties are upgraded and in good shape (this is NOT a group of used up inventory units needing maintenance). I have also already made a prospectus listing all relevant details for the portfolio.

      The question is where can this be advertised? I am finding that $4M+ is too low an investment for most REITs and it is too large for most smaller investors. Finding the players in the middle is a bit challenging. We are in a fantastic market that has avoided most of the nation's housing crisis. I can break the properties up into smaller groups and also sell them individually on MLS ... but it would take some time to get through 50+ individual sales...not to mention the parade of potential buyers can scare a tenant that they may lose rental rights to their home.

      I would like to sell them in bulk or large sets to an experienced landlord that appreciates the work already in place for this portfolio. They are literally ready to be turned over to a management company or manage yourself depending on the investor. I am also already a member of MLS but in our area we encounter mostly single property buyers.

      My gut feel is I am missing where these types of real estate investors gather...any ideas?