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    non profit  retail business

    gbanavara Newbie
      I am looking to start a non profit import and retail business for apparel and home textiles. These products will be made by people in their home in remote villages. These products have not seen the retail shelves of USA. The profits will be distributd between these workers directly and the company. I plan to eliminate the large factory requirements which will not only increase costs but also not pass on the profits to these actual craftsmen/women. These products are made in India in remote villages but families who survive on the sales of their products. These crafts and trade skills are dying ans many families are not having enough money to feed children. This business is to help them in their skills and train more in this skill to keep it alive and flourishing.
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            Your business does nto seem like it falls into the category of a non-profit. You might run into trouble with the IRS if you categorize a retail business as a non-profit - especially when you say you will share the "profits" with the artists. Most non-profits are private foundations or charities - not retail businesses or importer/exporters.

            For information on non-profits in the US - Visit the IRS's website - they have a complete section dedicated to non-profits including how to form and run a 501(c)3 -,,id=125361,00.html