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    looking for a business partner

    ddamulira Newbie
      Am looking for a business partner to start up an aircraft and ship sales, lease and brokering company.I have been in this business for some time, but working under some one. Already have aircrafts and ship clientele base. This is a high profile business venture which has high garranted returns with in a short time. If interested please contact me for a business discussion.
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          DomainDiva Ranger
          You neglected to ppost anything about yourself in your profile. I have been in the 'business' over 25 years having worked at a little airline called Braniff. I now consult for leasing companies, banks and DAR's doing aircraft records and maintenance planning. My tech company AviaSphere provides online maintenance records retention and management. We have a sister company that also manages online aircraft parts and sales. My contact info is on my profile.

          I will need references, serious references for due diligence. I will also provide same to you. That is IF you are serious and actually have something to bring to the table. Not posting anything about yourself in your profile is not a plus; but I am not adverse to inquiring to see if there is 'anything of value'.

          (hat tip to Luckiest!)
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            phanio Pioneer
            Your business concepts sounds good. What are you actually looking for? Money, advice or someone to help you day-today?

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              DomainDiva Ranger
              Well Charles, you are also posting on as well as a few other sites. You have made some complaints regarding online fraud as well and you are from Uganda. Please share some more details about yourself on your profile. I have gone to all of the websites you have posted on and the one thing you do not do is post any business information about yourself. Of course there IS your phone number which I have made a note of.

              On second thought...maybe a partnership with you would not be something I would want to involve my company in.