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    Can i design my e commerce  site on online for free

    kodururajendr Wayfarer
      Hi want a ecommerce site for that what can i do can i design it from my home by using online tools or i should contact the local web design company.beacuse starting i do not want to spend more money.any ideas.
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          johntlc Newbie

          There is nothing wrong with doing something yourself but the question you need to ask yourself is do you have the skill to design a website that will attract potential buyers. In today's market, most buyers will not buy from you if your website is poorly designed and one big factor about that is security. You need a website that will create a lasting impression on your visitors to have a high conversion rate. Since you do not want to spend a lot of money, your best bet would be to see search online for ecommerce and oscommerce template. Some are free and most goes for a less than $120 but the chances that you are going to get exactly what you need is very slim. In other words, even if you find a template thats very close to what you want, you may need to still do some modification to meet your personal needs. I can be of help in that area. I have a number of professional designers, programmers and developers that does fantastic jobs.

          I am sure I can provide you cost effect ecommerce website at a reasonable time. You can reach me at
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            amspcs Ranger
            I'm sure you've heard the old adage "you get what you pay for". It's true.
            We went the 'homemade " approach initially, with very modest success.
            Then, we switched gears, went to a pro, and saw almost immediate and
            significant improvement in traffic and results. Moral of story: There is something
            to be said for maximizing the content and design of a website in terms of
            relevance to the search engines, getting notices, and ultlimately
            getting results. And, like everything else, the people with that talent
            and ability don't work for free.

            Contact John at 6X6 Design
            Good luck

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              youthere Newbie
              To begin with let me tell you upfront I do run a website development company....and even though my response might seem biased I will try not to

              This is the question that I almost everyone asks us that now with such sofisticated tools avaliable why not build our own website...(even though mind you we are the cheapest and you only pay after you are satisfied with what you like if not..i pick up the tab....)

              Its very true...depending on where your hosting it you might have some very good modules built in and infact sometimes when customers come to us we look at their requirement and recommend they do it themselves ....

              However in some cases...its about the experience as developers usually develop about 10-100 sites in an year and based on customer feedback they know what has worked or what has not...its the look and feel....

              Here's my 2cents....if you can, try building it yourself...release it as a select users (may be friends and family) if they like it....awesome..if not...consult someone or have them make it for you...Fair Enough?

              my email :