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    Tell me the best home based job in the world

    kodururajendr Wayfarer

      Hi i am looking for home based job or business from 4 years but still now i can not able to find it so idecided to start a very gud home based business where i can offer it should be genius.tell me a plan because there are so many people who are not using internet.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Tell me the best home based job in the world

          I have the best home based job in the world.

          Develop a business plan first.
              1lorna Newbie
              Hello Luckiest, I started a in home non-medical service agency in febuary then found out the state of delaware came up with a new license that i need. The division of long term care license even though i'm doing non-medical services. bathing, cleaning, light housekeeping, errands, doc appt's ect... Have you been in touch with anyone with this problem and if so could you put me in-touch with them. If i dont meet thier P.A.S.A standards they will shut down my business. I just want to get in touch with someone who has went before me and already have their P.A.S.A license. MY business is already up and running. Mary!
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              SME_ally Adventurer
              I might have a solution for you.
              I am promoting this affiliate portal that allows you to sell over a million products online without buying any inventory. There is a lot of info on the site so see for yourself.
              Here is the website:

              The cost is a one-time fee of $37.97, which is not much to get a home-base business started.

              Good luck to your quest to find a home-based job.
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                jados89 Adventurer
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                David Jados | Independent GBG Representative
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                  Tianna Wayfarer
                  I have two questions to you.
                  The first one is - What are your interests?
                  The second one - Do you like writing? (or do you have inclination for writing?)

                  I may recommened you writing for some famouse digital magazines and writing on topics you are interested in. It's a very paying job. I'm speaking about two aspects of this: material one and non-material when you feel yourself worthy when you see that people like your articles and pay attention to them.

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                    ktb123 Newbie
                    I have a home based business you might be interested in. It has several tools to help you build your business like facebook and they are coming out with another tool soon. check out this website If you are interested just email me back at Hope to hear from you soon.

                    Kim Brothers
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                      MoveForward Scout
                      If you were in a group of six best friends and family what is the one thing they would all agree you are great at? For example you are a creative person, musically talented, excellent cook, etc. (tell us one thing).

                      Now tell us one thing you LOVE to do. Example: Camp, arrange flowers, paint, etc.

                      This will help us narrow down our suggestions.
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                          YouCanTravel2 Wayfarer
                          In all of the Home Based Business opportunites that I've experienced, there are many great companies out there. But, what has worked for me (and everyone is different) is the travel industry. It is the largest industry in the world ($7 trillion dollars), grew by $1 trillion last year alone and is run by the baby boomers whom are retiring at a rate of 10,000 per day (thats one every 8 seconds). Two-thirds (2/3) of every dollar is controlled by the baby boomers and 53% of every dollar spent online is on travel.

                          It made sense to me, and I've been blessed with it. But, again, everyone is different. There are many wonderful companies out there that offer great home based business opportunities.

                          I just thought I'd share my story with you!

                          Hope this helps with what you are looking for. And, since I've had alot of experience with many different companies, feel free to ask me any questions you may have. If I know of any advice and/or info on a certain company, I'd be happy to help. If I dont know, I'll let you know either way!

                          To Everyone's Success!
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                          franklinb Adventurer
                          There is not a better home business opportunity than being an affiliate of companies offering products or services. Learn how to participate in Affiliate Marketing and you will have a low overhead, low startup cost home business with absolutely unlimited income.

                          I talk about Affiliate Marketing and how I do it at this url:


                          My main method is to create search engine friendly content within my own domain, my blogs and through social media sites that allow my rss feeds to process into their sites. I even send my daily affiliate marketing blog posts to my Facebook, and occasionally members who see it forward it to others. That is how Social Media is an advantage for free backlinks to your online content.
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                            VitalityDiva Newbie
                            What do you enjoy doing? And, what is your "Why" for having a home business? Not that you want to make money - something very specific, like - I want to have time for my children, or I have an ailing parent who needs me at home, etc.....

                            If you can answer both of those questions, then you can start a home business and be successful. If you want to know more about my home business, please visit:

                            Best wishes,
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                              godzila Wayfarer
                              There are so many mails we receive like make money online, earn while you learn & many more. Internet is very wide thing & if u utilize it u can earn too. One program i know is adsense program by Which is very effective in earning via your home for that you need internet connection & some knowledge of <a href="
                              ">internet marketing</a>. Try learning it - its really good.
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                                MoveForward Scout

                                Your office is in your home. You can have lunch brought to you. You will fly all over the world in your private plane. You will finally be able to have an assistant that knows when to talk and when not too. In place of the water cooler you will chat in the garden with beer of your choice. You can enjoy extra cirricular
                                activities at your desk (did I say that). And go on vacation for a week when you only had the job for 200 days.

                                Downfall...There are people outside your driveway with personal as others do tune them out.

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                                  SeniorLiving Wayfarer
                                  Not very clear about what you are asking for after 4 years of research. But best for whatever you do.