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    Low Cost Marketing Suggestions

    Wingman Adventurer

      I own a small restaurant and we have volunteered to be a Toys fo rTots drop-off locations this year.

      I'm trying to figure out what type of marketing.communications I can use to let the community know we are accepting donations. I've placed the poster in the window tomy store as well as added a mention on my monthly mailers. The city where I'm located has also agreed to post the information for me.

      Any other suggestions on how I can get the word out for this worthy cause would be appreciated.
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          CorpCons08 Ranger

          Let me first commend you for being a Toys-4-Tots dropoff location. It is businesses like you that make a difference in others lives. This being said, a great way to promote the dropoff might be to speak to the local Chamber of Commerce. They might be willing to send a small notice to all members of the Chamber about your charity drive.

          Warmest regards,
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            MadBiz Newbie
            You can also check with local radio stations. Some will include the annoucement at no extra charge.

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              LUCKIEST Guide
              It is GREAT that you volunteered for Toys for Tots. This whole web site is volunteering.
              Things that you can do to let the community know
              THE CHURCH, Maybe the church has a bulletin they mail out to members.
              THE LIBRARY - Same as above
              The LOCAL NEWSPAPER - Maybe they could write a story
              TOWN HALL - You get the idea.
              Happy holidays, LUCKIEST
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                marktingcoach Newbie
                Wingman, kudos for becoming involved with the Toys for Tots program!

                The ideas given so far are excellent, and I'll try to add to them. Placing the poster in your window and adding a mention in your mailer are good ideas, but they are passive, hoping that your customers notice them and take action. What can you do to get the word directly to your current customers and get them involved?

                Here are a few ideas, and they may spark others.
                • have each employee mention the toy drive to every customer
                • when giving your customers their receipts, include information about the drive only
                • offer a special to those who bring in toys
                • ask your customers for their advice on getting more toys to your store
                • ask other businesses to hand out notices about the toy drive ... the notices will have a special offer for your restaurant that is redeemable when donating a toy ... in turn you can give those people a coupon that is redeemable at the other business
                • depending on your restaurant's atmosphere, you can create little things that take notice of toys being donated -- from ringing a bell to keeping count of the toys on a chalkboard (Think about companies like Friday's whose bartenders ring a bell when a tip is given, or Stone Cold Creamery whose employees break into song when a tip is given. This encourages others to do the same.)

                Your objective is to actively involve your customers. Not only will they help make your efforts more successful, but they will also have feel that they have taken part in the effort, and that strengthens your relationship.
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                  AntonyR Newbie
                  Do you guys deliver? Maybe add it on your print collateral? Some other ideas are to have a big Christmas Tree and say something along the lines of, "Its Christmas here for the kids all the time" You would have to do a full tree with decorations in the front. If you want to go to the extreme you can decorate the whole place in a holiday theme and get some press about how you will be taking donations for kids etc.

                  If you want some more ideas let me know and I can draft some stuff up for you
                  Nice to know people like you are still out there!!!