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    Looking for a broker.

    Mirnes Newbie

      My name is Mirnes and I just signed up here with hope to learn more about business.
      I recently oppened a Home Based Business which is Janitorial. I've owned a franchise through a cleaning company for over three years and have experience with janitorial. I've done commercial office buildings for the most part. I've decide to leave the franchise and work for myself. I have most of the paperwork done and in process of getting bonded and insured. I will be ready to start working in a week or two but don't have any clients nor do I really know how to find them. I know there are janitorial Brokers out there but I've had a hard time finding one. Everywhere I called, I always reached a business broker. I looked at yellowpages and all over internet but no luck.

      My question to you guys is, how do I find a Janitorial Broker? Also if anyone has any different suggestions as to how to get clients please feel free to add.

      Thank You
      Mirnes B.
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          rencmbs.vate1 Wayfarer
          how about putting together a standardized proposel and mail them to the facilities department of corporate buildings, and banks,and build a strategic plan for growing your clientel base
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Looking for a broker, Welcome Mirnes

            Good luck with your Home Based Janitorial Business.

            You really do NOT need a broker. You or I or a dedicated sales person can do a better job selling.

            You need a business and maybe a marketing plan.

            Do you know about SCORE?? SCORE is FREE.


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              How did you get customers when you were a franchisee?


              Didn't the company assist you with marketing efforts? What did you see that worked and what didn't? Although you may not have the brand presence in the market, some of the strategies will be applicable. Can you approach any of the customers that you were servicing through the franchise or did you sign a non-compete?


              Do you plan on focusing in on residential or commercial?


              You can create email blasts for commercial (often you can find their email addresses online by going to their web sites) and direct mail pieces for residential and commercial.


              Let me know if you need help with the email blasts or direct mail pieces.


              All the Best,


              Doug Dolan


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                entrep6775 Wayfarer

                Hi there, just read your posts.

                Sounds like you need some leads to get you off the ground...

                I'm Greg with OIBL Direct (Opt In Biz Leads) and as far as how we can help, here's the skinny:

                I've generated leads (through custom telemarketing services) for a Portland, Or. based janitorial contractor.

                (We have references you can contact.)

                You have some options available to you:

                • Call property managers and offer your services, or outsource the calling (we do that.)

                The purpose of calling is to find out who's in charge, when/where they can be contacted, and what their current level of satisfaction is with their current existing clean teams.

                Once you have this incredible data, you directly solicit appointments with these prop. managers/owners.

                There are many dissatisfied prop. owners, and many others are always looking for cheaper or add-on back-up teams. Whether you're interested in commercial or residential, whether you're doing office buildings or apt. move-outs, there's plenty of work out there, but they have to know you exist.

                • Buy current leads of prospects already in need of your services.
                (we have direct access to these as well)

                • As already suggested elsewhere, you can send an email blast to your selected target market.

                (for a complete email marketing package estimate and price comparison, contact me. We do it all from planning, to deployment, to post-campaign follow-up analysis of your response rates. And it's all permission-based, which is very important. )

                • Buy a list of names of local or nearby business targets. You can also use this list to direct mail offers to your prospects.
                (Call us for accurate, affordable data files emailed within 24 hrs.)

                Hope this helps,

                Best Regards,
                Greg C.
                Lead Generation Specialist,
                OIBL DIRECT
                1 866 355 #1 OPT (1678)
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