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    starting a non profit organization

    meanings Newbie
      This is where I feel lead to go in my life, Starting a christian based non profit organization that will not only help members of my community for a day or a season but also for a life time, by bringing them closer to jessus christ, a place that offes help and support, thats not a church...because so many non believers and believers are afraid, intimidated by churches and church members. this vision has been growing in my heart for a while now and now I'm ready to make it happen no matter what I may face on this journy I'm ready....If there is anyone with advice for me on where to start, what to look out for, what not to do..please help me
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          starting a non profit organization, Welcome. A great idea.

          I am treasurer of a non profit and would be glad to help you.

          Great advice. Start by developing a business plan.

          Let me know how I can help, LUCKIEST
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              meanings Newbie

              Thanks for being willing to help luckiest, I'm not sure where to start but I've got my business plan and I'm ready to get started. I need some advice on where to start as far as getting a grant for my start up. Do you thinks it's a bad venture to try doing my own grant writing or should I find someone to help with what to write and what not to write? I want to get this right the first time around,do you know any any resources to help me with grant writting that wont cost me to much?