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    Inventory question: Online retail company using quickbooks

    AegeanImports Newbie
      Hello group,

      Just signed up since I'm starting an online retailer of Greek & Italian foods.

      My question pertains to Inventory Part, Inventory Assembly, and Group.

      As an example:

      • 500ml Extra Virgin Olive Oil
      • 250ml Infused Olive Oil
      • 500ml Balsamic Vinegar

      These three items make up one combination I'm offering on the site.

      The obvious answer here is to assign each item as an Inventory Part, but when sold as a group; do I assign the 3 products as Inventory Assembly or Group for order fullfillment purposes?

      A second question;

      They come in cases of 12 but are sold in groups of other inventory parts. When entering an inventory part; I feel like I should enter my cost per dozen (since they are case of 12) but the Sales Information is fuzzed since I dont currently sell by the case. What would you consider the best QB practice in recording inventory by the case but selling the part as a Group or Inventory Assembly?

      Any insight here would be a huge help.

      I'd ask my accountant but he's off playing golf.