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    What POS Conversions can TransActPOS perform??

    T.A.POS Adventurer
      We at TransActPOS have had a lot of questions about which current POS systems we can convert. Many stores over the years have called with new names and companies that exist asking if we can convert. Our short answer is Yes for most to all...

      Examples of systems we currently convert are Activant, RockSolid, Advantage, CS2000 and more.
      We also have a quick and simple fix for the Manual Stores out there that dont have a computer system currently. There are many ways we save you time and money converting from a manual store to a POS installation.

      If you have any questions about your store or if you are considering a POS system for your store, go to our website and give us a call and we can speak with you on your store, no sales push, no hassel, we can help you understand the world of POS.