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    Does someone want a FREE ad? We need to demonstrate our svc Newbie
      Prova is preparing to launch its advertisement design services & would like to give one business a FREE ad design to demonstrate it. We've created an innovative process for helping your small business get a professional quality ad at the price you pick. Since our concept is new & difficult to explain, we'd like to get 10 testimonials to use as examples. We'd like to offer a free advertisement design to one lucky business here at the SBOC who could benefit from our service. As you know, a better quality advertisement will attract more, targeted customers. If you're interested, please let me know. Let me know about your business, why you could benefit from a better ad, & what type of ad you want.


      We help small businesses get better quality advertisements by connecting them with freelance graphic designers in a contest format. Here's how:
      1. At prova# advertising# you can start an advertising contest
      2. Submit a design brief (You can get any type of ad: postcard, doorhanger, newspaper ad, web banner ad, ...)
      3. Set your budget
      4. You'll receive dozens of ad designs from freelance designers around the world
      5. Interact with the designs, request modifications
      6. Pick a winner & download it instantly (or send it to a printer). Only pay if you get a design you like
      If you want a more detailed explanation, check out our video on