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      Have alot of bills I need to get payed off because I want to start a business that has been totally checked out.I have the total plans all set up people to help me out and work for me and places I can sell to and also the craft locations and I have already gone threw the online training. But I want to do this right and be a distributor for this soy candle company.But to do it up right I need to have samples and extra candles on hand to sell outright. We have 100 different kinds of candles specialty lines also sell alot of other things also. I want to do this business because I am taking care of my elderly mother in law and my husband who is visually handicapped. I have years of experience in customer service dealing with people. But do not know were I can come up with the $30000 I need to clear up my bills and get it off the ground. Because of the bills I have bad credit. If anybody has any ideas or can help I would greatly appreciate it.I would be able to pay anyone back that could help me.But I need to do it soon.