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    My employee is slandering, not sure if I should sue?

    purplee Newbie
      I had to fire one of my employees about two months ago. I own a small company (2 employees) that does pharmaceutical research. The person I had to fire worked for me for 2 and a half years. The first two years she was an outstanding employee exceeding my expectations. She was treated well for her work, given multiple bonuses, full health insurance, and full reimbursement to pursue a masters degree. About 6 or 8 months ago her work performance started to decline. We let things slide initially due to her past performance, however about 2 months ago I had to let her go. She had made numerous careless mistakes but there were several mistakes that could have jeopardized my business. I thought I had heard the alst of it but today a client told me that my former employee is telling people that she left our office because we were being 'unethical.' In the business that we do the word unethical could get us shut down by the FDA or at least trigger an audit. Both are not a concern as there is nothing unethical that could be found. My concern is whom ever my ex employee is telling. She already has told a client (who could choose to no longer bring us business) and I have a strong suspicion that she has been on job interviews telling others the same information. Since we live in a small community this could have a huge impact on us long term. I am confident clients we have already will not be bothered by this information but I am worried that new clients will turn away. My lawyer has said I can sue her for slander, gross misconduct, and for @ $15,000 I spent sending her to school for work purposes. I know that she has very little money and at this point I don't expect to get a cent back. What I am wondering is if suing her will scare her enough to stop slandering my business or if it will only make things worse? Has anyone had experience in this situation with employees who clearly are seeking revenge for being fired?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          My employee is slandering, Welcome

          In business you have an accountant and a lawyer.

          Listen to your Lawyer

          Also go to Members page and share some info
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            amspcs Ranger
            Please don't read anything into this. But I am very curiious: Why would you bear your soul
            publically over this matter when the obvious answer is: When you want legal advise, you consult
            a qualified attorney, not a public forum???

            If the answer is "attorneys are very expensive" are correct. So IF this is the reason, may I suggest
            you look into the availability of pre-paid legal services in your area? Unfortunately, the protection of the legal system is only available to those with deep pockets, not to all of us. As the saying goes, whenever people go to court, the ONLY people who walk out winners are the lawyers. That's why my business avails itself of
            "on call" pre paid legal services. Very affordable monthly, can ask as many legal questions as I want, have contracts reviewed before I sign couple of bucks I ever spent.

            Good luck to you. And PLEASE, if you want sound legal advise, get it from a lawyer.
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              drivetraffic Adventurer
              This is a tough situation. In business I feel your reputation is very important. If you are able to still contact your former employee, I would contact them first. Explain what you have been told by your client and express to her that if she continues, you will have to follow your lawyer's advice and sue her. Let her know that a slander lawsuit isn't going to look good for her either in her efforts to gain future employment.

              If you find that it's continuing, I recommend suing her whether she can immediately pay you anything or not. She will understand that it's serious business. If you win, she will have a judgment against her, and will be more conscious of how she handles employment situations in the future.

              J.P. Marketing, LLC
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                DomainDiva Ranger
                Well this is America. You have a right to confront your accuser. May I suggest inviting this person to a meeting as a precursor to a fullscale lawsuit. Just send her an invitation to 'discuss the matter'. There seems to be more here than meets the eye. For her behavior to change suddenly is pretty drastic. Maybe she did misunderstand something and took it to be an ethical violation. (Not that what she is doing is right...). After the 'meeting' then you can call in the people that she has talked to and confront her that way as well.

                You have let this get out of hand because you feel sorry for her. If it blows up you only have yourself to blame, you are the boss, you are responsible for your company FIRST. Her feelings and financial status should have no bearing in a case such as this.
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                  purplee Newbie
                  I posted here looking for advice from people who have been through similar situations. I was in no way 'bearing my soul' as this doens't even begin to tell what I have gone through in the past two months as a result of this employees mistakes. I am sure I am not the only one who has fired an employee who has then sought some type of revenge. I have great legal counsel already so I do not need any legal advice, my lawyer stepped in before she was fired to ensure that all of my documentation was in place in case it lead to a law suit. I really don't want to sue, it's not about the money. I want to know what other people have done to get disgruntled employees to move on and stop slandering. .

                  I like drivetraffic and ddomaindivas' idea of confronting her about it.
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                      DomainDiva Ranger
                      At some point you are going to have to take the lead. So far SHE has been in control. You need to take that control away from intervention is the only way. You need to have your lawyer there as well to explain to her what slander is, and then make her sign a statement that everything she said was a lie or face a lawsuit. That's what I would do.

                      Like I said previously you are in this stituation because you let it go this far.