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    Opening a Barbershop

    Jerome86 Newbie
      I am almost done with school and I wanted to start getting things ready for my business. I already have an idea of what I want to do and how I want to do it, I just need to know where do I go to get the forms to get things started.
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          snccigars Adventurer

          I am opening a cigar shop, which requires licensing from the state also. I am assuming that you will want to register your business name, establish what type of company you want to establish (sole proprietor, llc, etc) and make sure you are properly licensed before you open your doors. All this info should be located on your states Secretary of States website. If you are not sure how to find this, just google "(your state) sos". All states have different licensing and registering requirements, as well as sometimes your city will have specifics for businesses, so check out your cities chamber of commerce for what they require. All this should also be available at your local county courthouse as well. Good luck, and if you want to stock a small supply of cigars in your barbershop (haircut and a fine cigar sales pitch!) let me know.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Opening a Barbershop, Welcome

            If I was planning on Opening a Barbershop, I would do the following

            Get a location, Come up with a business name, register the business name with the I R S and your town.
            (By the way Who are you?? and Where are you??) Go to Members page and share some info.

            Finally I would develop a business plan and contact SCORE> SCORE is FREE.

            Good luck, LUCKIEST
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              stevenfa718 Newbie
              doin need barbers have my own barbershop.the lic were you learn how to cut hair?
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                Ronald870 Newbie
                In Michigan where our salon is located, you need to work with someone for one full year before you can be alone cutting hair. You can still open a salon and be an owner but you would need to hire someone to be there with you for that year. It took almost 2 full years to start making a real profit so it may be tough to pay someone else to be there with you. If that is the case in your area you may want to look at buying a small salon that the present owner wanted to stay on as an employee?? Just something to think about.

                Good luck to you