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    Do you need the most effective way of advertising?

    geraldperez20 Newbie
      This is Gerald Perez from VENTACALL. We are a Sales
      and Marketing firm that specializes in lead generation, generating new
      clients and creating sales opportunities for businesses and professional services.

      We've been working with several clients and been
      very successful in generating leads and appointments for them. We have helped them expand
      their client-base and helped increase their revenue significantly.

      Just to give you an overview of what we do, we'll do cold calling
      in your target market which would be specified according to
      your preferences/guidelines/qualifications. We will generate their interest and set you up for appointments
      for potential clients. We have all the resources to help you out expand
      your business and expand your target market as well.

      Our highly-trained staff can make 160-200 calls per day in your target market.

      We will assign a team for your campaign:
      *Primary Agent
      -Highly-trained and has at least 2 years experience in cold-calling.
      *Back-up Agent
      -To make sure there will be no down-time in calling the campaign.
      *Quality Assurance Specialist
      -To check the quality of the appointment before we pass it over.
      *Project Manager
      -Main point of contact.

      (We will also provide you access with 'Sugar CRM' - for you to monitor the
      campaign in real-time (e.g. listen to recordings, check the call volume,
      and number of leads and appointments).)

      We have half time campaign where the agents will be calling 4 hours a day, 5 days a week. In fulll time campaign is 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. We only cahrge $10-$12 per hour and its a month to month basis. We won't hold you for long term contracts. There is also a set up fee of $300.oo which is a one time payment only. If you decide to continue for another month or so, you don't have to pay the set up fee anymore.

      If you are interested kindly call this number. VENTA CALL 1-(888)-2317203