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    Your Business Card

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      The elements of a good business card are more thin lined common sense than anything else :) Make sure it clearly states your information in big enough font for all ages! enough information but not too much is a must. Your contact info, name and company, on the back maybe a few bullet point of what exactly it is you do. Remember a lot of colors and too much design are unnessessary when wanting to have an effective way for ppl to remember you and not how many colors were on your card :)
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          I agree that you hit on many of the important points to take into consideration when creating a business card. I believe that you should consider the following:




          Business name


          Phone number


          Fax number


          Web site / blog URL


          Email address




          You may not be able to fit all of this on the front of the card. Not many people use the back of the card which is another great space to advertise information or useful advice relative to your target market. Keep the font and the colors simple, and always review your information for spelling or numerical errors before signing off on the print shop order form.


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            Image is everything.

            Same applies for your company image through the eyes of the lenders. Focus on establishing a solid business credit profile (D&B and Experian are the big ones that report). You can research this topic in-depth online.


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