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    Free is Not Good Enough

    ZekeLL Adventurer
      Why Nothing in Life is FREE
      "Nothing in life is free." That old saying rings true when it comes to offering online freebies. Even when you offer something FREE to consumers, that doesn't mean there isn't a "cost" behind that freebie.

      Everyone is shaking up the Internet with freebies - sign up for this spectacular newsletter and receive a FREE SPECIAL report, whitepapers, or the latest and greatest trial sample.

      Freebies don't necessarily equate to "high value." Have you ever tried a free sample and thought "Aw, no wonder they gave away that product for FREE!" It just wasn't THAT great! You don't want to be that kind of online marketer!

      Sometimes the "buck stops there" - literally! Companies think they can blast out their freebies and consumers will automatically jump all over these freebies.

      The Art of Persuasion
      What makes YOUR freebie better than your competitors? With all the free offers floating around on cyberspace, you need to give people a GOOD REASON to sign up for your freebies.

      How many times have you unsubscribed to newsletters because they were boring and didn't offer relevant information? The last thing you want is to send worthless content to your subscribers.

      "Time is money" and your visitors/customers don't have a lot of free time on their hands. Monetary costs are just one aspect for consumers- what about the time it takes to READ your free content and marketing campaigns?

      What can you do to PERSUADE people to actually WANT to read your content and actually USE your free samples?

      It comes down to sales persuasion tactics!

      Persuasion gives people the choice to make an informed decision - persuasion is not about manipulation or hype.

      However, persuasion will only get you so far. Reel them in with free stuff BUT give people want they actually want. VALUABLE content is what makes people come back for MORE...and WHY people will buy your products and services!



      o HOW will your free content SOLVE crucial problems for people?

      o What VALUE do you offer them to make them WANT free information?

      o How will it CHANGE THEIR LIVES on a positive, long-term basis?

      o Add URGENCY to your call to action - they NEED to read/try your content or product NOW. Give them every reason to take action immediately!

      · SOCIAL PROOF - People will "jump on the bandwagon" and copy other people's action (especially if they like and trust them). Use testimonials and endorsements. SHOW benefits that other people have experienced as a result of signing up for your free newsletter or report.


      · VISUAL ELEMENTS - Use photos, music and videos as part of your freebie offers. People are visual creatures and you are more likely to really CAPTURE their attention through visual elements.


      · SHOWCASE YOUR AUTHORITY/EXPERTISE - Show you're an authority/expert in your field. Link to third party sites to back up your facts when offering free information (people will trust you even MORE!) Reference figures of authority (i.e. government/political officials, health leaders, etc.)


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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Free is Not Good Enough

          Zeke, How can you say that nothing in life is FREE??

          This small business online community is FREE
          Love is FREE
          SCORE is FREE

          Yes Freebies don't necessarily equate to high value, But

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              ZekeLL Adventurer
              The reason why I say that nothing is free is because money is not the only currency, there is also time.

              If you download a free report that takes you 3 hours to read and it's crap, you just wasted 3 hours that you could've spent closing another deal, getting more work done, or simply spending time with your family. I'm talking about the cost of opportunity here.

              My whole point was this: just because you're offering something for free, it doesn't mean that people will want it. You need to convince them that it will be worth their while.

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                  Iwrite Pioneer
                  Free can also cost you in your business perception. People place very little value to things that are free.

                  I was working on a major new car introduction and this local dealer insisted on discounting a brand new model. After about a month, he was complaining about his sells of that car, and we suggested he survey those coming into his dealership as to why they weren't interested in the new model. He found that the majority thought something must be wrong with the car because he was discounting it already. His research, not ours.

                  Sometimes, by discounting or giving away your product or service, you are telling customers or clients that it isn't worth much because you can afford to give it away.

                  Not always, but it is something you should consider when deciding to give something away.

                  Just my "free" advice. LOL

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                mposada Wayfarer
                Although I agree with most of what ZekeLL wrote, i do beleive that some things are truly free in life.
                but we as a society beleive that inexpensive and free products must be of bad quality, and expensive ones have to be good. they have a saying in South America that translated roughly says "What´s cheap will be more expensive at the end" and most of the time is very true.
                so that is why a company should be very careful when offering free items because most of the time people accept them they have a preconceived idea of what free means, undermining the value of the product.



                Marcela Posada
                SitePro Website Consultant
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                    snccigars Adventurer
                    I would have to agree that we have the perception that free must be bad. However, I believe that we think this way because, unfortunately, most of the time it is true. As a cigar consumer, I have purchased boxes of cigars or a humidor and gotten free cigars with the purchase. I have done this from several different companies and each time the free product has been disappointing, either a no name that you feel the company wants to get rid of, or of questionable quality. Never has the freebie determined who I ultimately buy from. As a soon-to-be cigar retailer, I must keep in mind MY experiences as a consumer when I determine how, or if, to use the "freebie" as a marketing tool. I am still kicking around exactly how to make potential first-time customers, customers who will not know if I have good customer service or if my product is first-class yet, choose me over the competition. Naturally freebies come to mind, but how do I ensure that my freebies are actually exciting and make that potential customer go "oh wow, THATS the freebie. I'll buy just for that!"?