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    need advice small remodeling business in SE Tx.

    gmremodeling Newbie

      We just started our business back in Sept. 2008. recorded dba GM Remodeling in Conroe, Tx. We started from zero. My father decided to branch off from a local remodeling company from Houston after working for them for 15 yrs., so he has the experience and I am the risk taker and the fighter for a better future for our family. I will graduate from SHSU in December 2009, and help my father with the family business. We been out there only of word-of-mouth, but now are not busy at all. I will like to ask for help! Any help someone in remodeling business. We are reliable, responsible, honest and hard working. Do anyone know where I could go to get leads or how should I advertise with a very small capital? Advice of how to continue in business??
      We worked as soon as we registered the dba and managed to buy our own equipment, tools, and transportation with utility trailer. Now we need to work and get busy.. Get out there and meet people. Any help will be appreciated.
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          DomainDiva Ranger
          Have you contacted your local Chamber of Commerce? Better Business Bureau? Put fliers in supermarkets, small grocery stores, any other small business (that's not a competitor) as well. If you have anhy satisfied customers, ask them to write a favorable review. Are you on Angies List? That is a website like Craigslist only this one is for recommendations for contractors and other business referrals.

          Now is actually a good time to start hitting it hard....fixing and remodeling is less expensive than a new home. Have you contacted any real estate agents? Most busy agents keep a list of contractors what can help a homeowner who is trying to sell their house that needs some work.

          Are you affiliated with any local plumbers, air conditioning contractors, building supply houses or architects? Have you contacted ay property management companies?
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              gmremodeling Newbie
              First of all, Thank you so much for your advice.. I have done the flyers, called and visited local real estate agents (foreclosed houses needing repairs), spoken to local plumbers, contractors, remodeling companies but the sad part on that is that some tell me they will give me a call, others just ignore me because I am a Hispanic female and one of them even told me I should be at home taking care of my husband.. It doesn't bother me anymore, It only makes me stronger. Any way I will try the other places you mentioned. I do attend to the SBDC from Lone Star Montgomery college and SHSU, but feel like they could only help me so much.
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                  DomainDiva Ranger
                  Go visit some of the female realtors. Also see if there is a local Hispanic real estate group as well. All you can do is keep walking and doing. Don't give up!

                  Visit some of the building sites for the high end builders...most of the laborers are Hispanic, maybe some of them would be willing to help with referrals as well.

                  Have you thought about volunteering at a high profile event to build something?
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                      LUCKIEST Guide
                      Need advice small remodeling business, Welcome Gabriela

                      Like your tag line "We do it right for the right price"

                      Also like Domain Diva idea about volunteering. Pick a charity or non profit group that you would like to support. You can offer FREE (everybody likes free) remodeling to one house or business.
                      Hopefully the local newspapers will pick up on the story and you get free publicity.

                      One of my favorite ideas was to sponser a local baseball team and all summer long the kids ran around with shirts that had my business name on them.

                      Do you know about SCORE. SCORE is free and can help you with a marketing plan

                      Good luck, LUCKIEST
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                          AnonSolutions Wayfarer
                          Hi Gabriela,

                          One of the first thing you should consider is having an appropriate website.

                          Here is an outline of clear advantages:

                          • A website is like a giant business card, a dynamic portfolio.
                          • Very little monthly cost ($10-$20 a month)
                          • Great for client retention and repeat business, customers don't "loose" websites unlike business cards
                          • Great for branding your company name on t-shirts, mugs, stickers on truck ect...
                          • Competitive edge over competitors
                          • Website is analogue information versus digital (with phone numbers), a good name can be remembered for years
                          • Excellent payment alternative for clients


                          If you have a site and your competitors don't (or a
                          bad one...) you will have a definitive competitive advantage and good
                          educated paying clients will almost ALWAYS choose the company WITH a
                          site and online presence that the one that doesn't. A website also
                          shows your credibility and attention to detail.

                          The next step
                          after that is to use bricks and mortar marketing methods to promote the
                          site, fliers, brochures handing out cards ect...

                          Don't put your
                          hopes high about advertising on the's doesn't work very well
                          for such a small local service, ironically good old fashion handshakes
                          + website presence = effective marketing.

                          Same here, although I
                          sell design services almost all my clients come from word of mouth and
                          so on, my current client I met having a beer in a local bar ;)

                          send you an email and offer you a free estimate, anyone else also
                          welcome to contact me if you need a website for your businesses.

                          Dynamic Content Management Web Site Development Services
                          info (at)