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    Insurance needed for a paintball retailer?

    JDecker Wayfarer

      My business will be selling paintball products online. My question is do I need insurance to cover my business, considering I'm selling what can be considered a weapon (the paintball gun)? Or does anyone know where I can go to get the answer?

      Thanks in advance for the help!
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          Ed O'Gee Adventurer
          It would make sense for you to get a general business insurance policy that covers your merchandise and any standard insurance claims. As an e-tailer your liability for what you sell will end at point of purchase for most transactions, but I would check the laws in your state because in some instances you may be liable if say for instance a minor purchases equipment from you and then goes on to harm someone else of themself.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            J D, Everybody in business needs an Insurance Broker, An Accountant and A Lawyer on their side.
            We live in a time where everybody is suing everybody if something wrong.
            Talk to your insurance agent. He know you, your company and the local laws.
            Be covered, relax, sleep well and sell.