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    What Medium Do You Use to Advertise Your Small Business?

    SpotZero Newbie

      We're conducting a little research and would like to know as a small business owner how do you advertise your company? Do you use traditional media such as newspaper ads, radio spots, local television and etc. or digital media such as social media, banner ads, E-mail, SEO and so forth? In your experience, what works and what doesn't? Please state your type of business as well. Thanks.

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          MediaPress9 Adventurer

          I have been able to grow my business and find repeat clients by creating and sending out sales letters to my target audience. One thing that hasn't worked out for me is cold calling. Internet marketing is a better source for me to advertise.


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            LadyPR Wayfarer
            Hi SpotZero,

            Great question. In the past my company used sales letters, press releases and word of mouth marketing to advertise our business. Currently we have delved into the realm of social media using twitter, facebook and linked in to build relationships and find our core target customers. We plan to do some pay-per-click advertising in the future.

            To keep our customers interested and engaged we have a promotional newsletter with marketing tips, business advice from experts, special discounts to repeat customers in addition to editorial calendars to further enhance our customer's do-it-yourself pr campaigns.

            If you have any other suggestions of avenues that we should utilize I would greatly appreciate the information.


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              raydeguzman Newbie
              My name is Ray DeGuzman, owner and operator of Trinity Development Group base out of the Upper East Side in NYC. I have never truly advertised my services. I have gone by word of mouth and by truly working to maintain a positive reputation here in the concrete jungle. It is only recently that i have begun a web page, and entertained the idea of growing beyond my current limits. I started my business in 2001 after being laid off from my union after 911. My goal was to survive, my new aspirations is to dominate my target market. Word of mouth was good, but now I am learning that this medium will not take me to the level I want and need to be. My website is, if anyone can give me feed back on what you think that would be helpful. its alot hard than i thought developing a website.
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                SpotZero Newbie
                Thanks for the replies, keep them coming!

                @MediaPress9 Where do you find your target audience? Cold calling should definitely be a method of the past.

                @LadyPR Did you switch to social media because sales letters and press releases weren't generating the results you had hoped for? To go along with your social media approach have you tried having an online video produced? If done right a video can be very engaging and a great way to spread message because a video is a lot easier to pass along than a simple article link.

                @Ray DeGuzman Congratulations on your success thus far. Social media may be the ideal advertising approach for you because social media at its essence is simply word of mouth, but to a lot more mouths if you will. It's about engagement and conversations.

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                    DomainDiva Ranger
                    Target audience is very important. Small business owners need to understand the people as well as the psychology of the end users of their product. Since my target audience is 99.9% male, I do not actively participate in the marketing and sales of my product. I am well known enough as a developer, that there is no need for me to be in front.

                    I am in the same position as a developer than I am when working for this target group as a consultant. So this plays very well in the grand scheme of things. My target market does not look at me as proficient in the sales end of things. I am probably the worlds worst sales person and the hardest person to sell to as well. Car salesmen hate me. I walk and buy. If there is no deal I don't buy.

                    We have been to two trade shows this year where our target market congregates. Once the product was demo'd and we collected scads of business cards, our salesman got to work. I was well received doing what I do best, developing and showing the product and explaining how it works.

                    Our industry (aviation leasing) is somewhat of a crazy quilt. Old methods work best....this market is truly a contact sport.

                    We had a write up in Aviation Week that was worth all the gold in Ft. Knox! If there is one thing I want to do it is to get more articles written about us in business magazines as the scrappy/money scrabbly start up. Or maybe someone can help us write the book..."Don't Try This At Home"...
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                    joanwillis Newbie
                    Internet marketing is a given these days. As far as direct mail marketing, I have found that booklets, brochures and flyers are key tools in getting your name out there.

                    Here are a few pointers in making these important pieces of paper:

                    1) Know your audience: Make sure your target market is narrow enough to prevent overspending on <a href="" title="printing booklets"> printing booklets</a>, brochures, and flyers.

                    2) Know the purpose of your marketing tool: Your product, the market and even your sales approach are all major factors in the contents of your booklets, brochures, flyers. Determine where this medium functions in the buying process.

                    3) Know and understand your selling points: Remember that you are in business in order to solve a problem for your customers and thus, provide a benefit for them. Enhance these benefits boldly.