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    What Are The Elements Of A Good Business Card?

    MlmRepMachine Newbie
      The next time you're at a networking event collect
      as many business cards as you can.

      Take them home and analyze them one by one.
      What I have found is that people martyr themselves
      on their business cards.

      Here are some of the mistakes that I see people making.

      1. They put too much information on their cards.
      2. They have logos that distract rather than attract.
      3. The font, typeface or color is inappropriate.
      4. They try and sell their business with a card.
      5. It's not clear exactly what they do.
      6. They give potential customers no reason to hold onto the card.
      7. They have too many points of contact.

      A business card is simply a tool to allow people to contact at a later
      date. It should be succinct. I should not have to wonder what service
      or products you offer.

      What are your ideas about business cards?
      What have you seen people doing 'right'?
      What mistakes have you seen people making?

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          LUCKIEST Guide
          A Good Business Card

          Rickey, Every person is different, most businesses are different and yes it follows that most business cards are also different.

          A business card is important. A good business card is even better. I happen to have a great business card.

          Thanks for your post.

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              moneysmarts Newbie
              Hi there,
              I am new to this Site and was just reading up on different ideas on how to start my own business etc.
              It is true about a business card, it shouldn't be so boring that it doesn't attract your senses but rather teases your sense, in that you want to know a more about what it is that the person's does. Are there any good web sites that can help some one create their own professional Business Card, sharing the do's and don'ts?


              Your Neighbor,
              Money Smarts
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                  yoursavings Wayfarer
                  Here is a tip. Use post it notes instead of business cards when marketing your business. Pay a kid a few bucks an hour to place them on car windows and not the windshields. I know a lady that built a huge 100k a year business just on post it notes.

                  In this economy people want just two things. To make money and save money. They dont want some overpriced potions or ebooks. They want a business and a plan that will affect their bottom lines. If you are looking to both save money and make money you should check out Savings Highway at



                  It is the perfect business for this economy


                  I am a top producer for the past 7 years in this industry give leads and prospects what they actually want and can use and you can make a fortune.
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                GayleOrganize Newbie
                Hi Rick. Feel free to take a page from my book and have a unique shape. My card is a red circle - the front has my logo and contact info, the back has a 5-bullet point list of the services I provide. It is informative, simple, and memorable (no one EVER forgets me or my card). Good luck!

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                  DomainDiva Ranger
                  Our business card(s) are styled like the website environment, our brochures and everything else..'AviaSphere'.

                  I am the only one with phone info on my card, our DFW group has the company address and the California group has the Huntington Beach 'office' address and their own emails. I elected NOT to post telephone numbers of other cards since the company is not paying for corp cell phones yet.

                  On the back of the cards are 10 rotating things about WHY we do what we do. Each card has a different one.
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                      AnonSolutions Wayfarer
                      I think that all elements should be on all cards.


                      Consistency over the whole media kit is best.

                      Web Design Services
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                          DomainDiva Ranger
                          Our media kit is consistent to our branding. Since you have not seen it, you do not understand it. We are a virtual company with TWO offices and people scattered all over the western half of the USA. Businesses have reasons for the ways they do things.

                          The big problem with so many web designers today is they have this box of stuff and they pull out the cliche and the this is the way its done memo. I get calls at least once a month from members of this forum wanting to completely redo my application and my website, when they know NOTHING of the complicated business rules and algorithims that make up the data base and the design and get flustered when I tell them its on an 8080/8081 protocol. One caller started at 3000, then went to free.

                          I explained my reasons for not putting team members phone numbers on cards. Team members are free to give their numbers out if they so choose.

                          BTW, you know our designer by his work: Chilis, Steak & Ale, Dr. Pepper, Tournament of Roses....
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                        dMayoDesign Newbie
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                          phanio Pioneer
                          I good business card is one that you or your business can pay off monthly. Business cards should only be used for short-term financing. The shorter the term the better. If you get something additional for your purchases (like miles, cash or discounts) that is just bonus.

                          Business Money Today
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                            phanio Pioneer
                            Sorry, my earlier post was about business credit cards - not business cards.
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                                updated123 Newbie
                                Elements of Good Business Card - Brief guidelines for new entreprenuers.

                                1. Your name
                                2. Your Job Title
                                3. Your Business Name
                                4. Contact Info
                                5. Website Address
                                6. Physical Address
                                7. Your Business Logo

                                Remember, your business card is your first impression to the people and a gateway to the future relationship. Make it clean and brief with all necessary information.

                                color=whiteresale rightscolor\url
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                                  puzzleman Tracker
                                  I keep the front of my cards clean with the logo on top, our tag line, then name, title and info.
                                  On the back of the card I several pictures of my products as a mini catalog.
                                  Not all people can pickup on the different things that I do.
                                  I have gotten calls from people that my card has been forwarded to.
                                  It's much easier than counting on someone else to describe what I do.

                                  Above all, I use the KISS principle.

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                                    freewebdesign Wayfarer

                                    One thing that some companies are starting to do more is to put pictures on business cards. I believe it's more prevalent in Europe to have pictures on things but I think there's some merit to it. We're living in a phone/email/webex world where you may NEVER actually meet someone. Not that I want my mug on my business card but it does help put a name with a face without...well, actually putting a name with a face. Your prospects can be looking at your card saying "so that's the guy on the conference call every week". I think it's an easy way to build a little more rapport in a time when technology and cost-cutting are making it harder and harder to do.