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    Do You Use Online Article Marketing?

    koz4change Adventurer
      How many of you use online article marketing? What are your favorite sites to submit articles?
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          drivetraffic Adventurer
          I use online article marketing and it's been very effective. You just want to make sure that you submit articles over time. Don't submit a bunch of articles to a bunch of directories all on the same day. There are many sites out there but the sites I like to use the most are:


          J.P. Marketing, LLC

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            vnavguys Tracker
            I use article marketing big time, but I do not do it in a manner like most people use it. In fact i would say that I used to use a traditional approach of writing or buying some articles, putting a keyword phrase in the title and then making sure the right anchor text links were in the body of the article. I would submit mine to ezine. However I do not do it this way anymore and here is why. The results more or less suck for my websites theme. Chances are they suck for yours too. I now use articles and focus on what I call a link cluster. I pick a keyword that I want to focus on and attack it. Lets say your doing an ecommerce site, I ask myself, what product keyword would I like to sell more of and rank for. Then I decide that I need 7 really good articles. I put the best one on my blog. Then I build a combination of free blogs and web 2.0 sites that use that keyword in the url and link it around the blog, one link goes to the blog and the next link goes to the next 2.0 site. Then I promote those sites with social bookmarks and articles (see next) to get them going. Instead of calling it quits here, I go deep. I add more blog posts and exhaust the topic around that keyword. Over time this builds authority and this link cluster will be a powerful being and supply some great link juice. Now referring to the articles I take some articles and submit them to ezine and anchor text link them to this link cluster matrix that I just created. Most of the time the people that pick up these articles put them on crap sites that give you no real value whatsoever. So I realize that and use them to get links instead of driving quality traffic. If you can write a funny or controversial article, you will get more links. Don't be rude, just start to realize that people will read these types of articles. I wrote one for a cooking blog and I am amazed at how many sites are still picking up this article months after I wrote it. This is my steriod approach to article marketing.
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              Drachsi Scout
              Article Marketing can also be called virtual Flyers I think. For me the best way is to use which you will know are indexed within 48 hours and then you join the groups. A major resource.

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                heather24 Adventurer

                There is no much benefits from article marketin apart from getting backlinks for your website,

                My favourites are

                ezine articles
                Article dashboard