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    Car insurrence company

    mike41424 Wayfarer
      does anyone know how to start a car insurrence company
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Car insurence company

          Yes I do. Who are you.?? A good place to start is witha business plan.

          How can I contact you??
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            RanksIntl Adventurer

            As Luckiest said, the best place to start is with your business plan. The business plan is going to be your guide to your entire business. Essentially, it is your business on paper. To get started just start writing down the things that you want out of your business, your different ideas for marketing, why you think you would be better than your competition, etc. You are also going to need to consider your finances ie: how much you have to put into it, whether or not you will need financing and if so what type are you looking for and whether you qualify for each of these types. How soon are you looking to start your business, I can help you get started with the business plan.

            In addition, you are going to need to know the different types of licenses and permits that you need to run that kind of business. These will vary from state to state. You will need an insurance license. You may have to take a class and an exam based on your state. Register you business with your city and/or county so that you can get a business license. Also, find insurance so cover yourself so that if there are any losses they will cover it.

            Finally, you are going to need to determine what type of insuruance you are going to carry. Many of the larger companies allow smaller independent companies to sell their coverage. The more you have to offer, the better for you, your customer and the better for your business.