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    Sole Propriator - Home Based Business

    JGREER45 Newbie

      I have not yet shown my buisness or marketing plan to anyone of importance. I am tring to get an appointment with my local SCORE rep.. I did however share my idea and plans to the banker and to the city common counsel person at the strt, I think I need to go back to them now and show them my progress. I have gone over the plans and ideas with the manufactures rep for the unit, had telephone conversations with the monitoring company, but never really talked to anyone specifically regarding these documents. I realize these documents are important, but only needed in whole to produce a SBA loan requirement. I know these documents are important to the business as a guide to success. I just havn't shared them with anyone. As fare as only 5? good question, I don't know why I stopped 5, but thats all I needed at the time.


      Thank-you for your imput


      I hope you can help me further, any guidness is truly appreciated.