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    13 New Clients in June for Monmouth NJ Chiropractor..

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      Client Dr. Thomas Dandrea has practiced physical therapy, chiropractic treatment and wellness in Monmouth County NJ for 11 years. He bases his Monmouth Spine & Rehabilitation Center in bustling Wall Street commuter town Red Bank NJ. About 8 months ago Dandrea looked into the development of a new web strategy, first a website and more recently a Monmouth County NJ Chiropractic Treatment Blog. Nowadays he says, "Web is 90% of our marketing focus. The rest 10%is word of mouth by nurturing existing relationships." And while he's just beginning to hit his pace, the effort brought him 13 new clients in June of ‘09. Here's what he shared recently about his success:

      Frerecks: "Hi Tom. So, how does a Blog fit into your marketing scheme?"


      Dr. Dandrea: "Currently, our blog is one major spoke in our channel strategy. By creating a wealth of valuable information surrounding physical therapy and wellness online, we have begun to create a loyal readership. Our blog has created a mechanism to constantly stay in touch with our customer base and always stay fresh within their minds."


      Frerecks: "Are you seeing good local organic indexing to date?"


      Dr. Dandrea: "We have begun to see good indexing around niche terms that were eluding us on the main website. Also the blog has actually begun to compete with our website, which means that we now have double the amount of presence on the major search engines." - see at No. 4 in 16,000 indexed pages for the search red bank nj chiropractic tips


      Frerecks: "I understand you attracted some good PR recently. What happened with New Jersey View Magazine?"


      Dr. Dandrea: "I was contacted by a writer from New Jersey View Magazine. They wanted to write a story on chiropractic and the wellness industry. She was searching and came upon some my online content. She decided, after reading through some of it, I would be an excellent candidate to interview. Subsequently, we had an online interview which is going to be published in the upcoming issue."


      Frerecks: "Ultimately it comes down to new business. Have you gained new clients as a result of your web presence?


      Dr. Dandrea: "Our web presence over the recent months has grown to become an intricate part of our overall marketing strategy. Because of the constant content creation and optimization, we continuously see new patients finding us via the web. Also, with the continuous tweaking and maintenance of our sites, the quality of the patients' finding us via the web continues to increase. Last month, for example, was our best month with 30% *= 13 new clients *of our new business coming from the web."


      Frerecks: "Is the Monmouth County Voice of Chiropractic Treatment too big a goal?"


      Dr. Dandrea: "Actually the sky's the limit with my new web strategy... certainly with my Blog!"