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    Investors for a Non profit start ups

    jrasofinc_1. Newbie
      I help start a non-for
      profit business that has raised the interest of Venture Capitalist{font:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif} {font}until they find out that we are a non-for profit business. We even had offers given to us. Is there Venture Capitalist that will invests
      in a non-profit? We will be entering an
      Enterprise Zone Program, so their will be ways to make a huge profit if given a
      chance{font:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif} {font}to make our case. Would we have to change to for profit?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Jr: Tell us more. Do you have a Business and / or Marketing Plan?? What are you selling, a product or a service??
          Have you registered with the I R S and do you have a Federal I D Number?? Do you have an Accountant or A Lawyer??
          Tell us more about the
          "Enterprise Zone Program" and where??
          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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            jrasofinc_1. Newbie
            SECURITY FOR SECURITY ARMED SECURITY OFFICERS FOUNDATION A 501 C Non Profit Organization The Armed Security Officers Foundation is Non Profit Organization created to enhance the lives of security personnel, to more effectively serve the public. Our purpose is to provide information and services that will enhance our ability to perform our duties and to go above and beyond our call of duty by helping the public in event of a terrorist action or disaster should occur.

            The market for security personnel in all segments is at it's highest demand. The need of more IT specialist, Investigation Detectives, Unarmed personnel, Armed personnel, Armor Car Personnel, Airport Officers, School Security, Residential and Commercial Buildings and Retail Stores is vital to protect our nation. Our organization is being "Birthed" in the Capital City of our nation, the DC Metropolitan Area which consists of DC MD and VA. It is our plan to venture into other states after year three, after integrating a format to follow by. As a non profit organization our services will produce new members into the security industry, help for existing security personnel and produce a new organization of Emergency Responders for public disaster events. Our services below are designed to complete our mission.
            1. Health Care and Fitness Assistance 2. Credit Union for Credit Repair and Counseling 3. Remedial Training and Licensing 4. Industry Specific Job Search Data Base 5. Missing Persons Data Base 6. Bereavement Fund Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Training/Response Team Seeking: Investors, Supporters and Independent Contractors ASOF INC. PO Box 60586 Washington D.C. 20039 Phone: 540-538-9500 Fax: 301 631-1689
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              Lighthouse24 Ranger

              By definition, an investor (or venture capitalist) would be promised a share of your earnings in return for providing start-up funding. There would have to be a profit in order for that to happen. Start-up funding for non-profits is generally provided by a) grants, b) foundations, or c) committed individuals. Hope this helps. Best wishes -- whichever path you choose.
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                Ed O'Gee Adventurer
                Lighthouse is right. Any venture capitalist is going to want to share in the organizations profits, so if you are starting a non profit organization that is not the way to go. Have you looked into government grants? What about angel investors, who will just want their money back plus interest?
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                  Lighthouse24 Ranger
                  Just following up . . . how you decided to proceed with this? We'd welcome an update of your progress. Thanks!