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    NEW  M.P.S.

    rbbsystem Newbie
      Hi dear, i work in to new product (Micro Power Suply) is at power generator for individuals homes oners, is go to product the electricity you comsum and generate one sur plus you send back to the electric company and you dont pay for you electricity, also the company is go to pay you back to use the sur plus you generate and fill the gaps and shorts to probide the company's and factory's in your town to be more clean and productives.

      All is green the M.P.S. works with water, oil and his own electricity.

      The prototype as be ready in 2008 and in to the market in 2009

      the company works to have one garanty of 5 years or for all the time you owne the home.

      the new honer of the home have to suscribe at policy to extend garanty for only $50,00/month.


      Tomas Garcia
      RBBSYSTEM llc.