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    Recognize, Welcome & Stay The Course

    MlmRepMachine Newbie
      When starting any time of business you will meet a very
      cunning and manipulative character call Resistance.

      Therefore there are 3 things that you must learn how to
      do when you encounter this foe.

      First you must recognize that Resistance will come.
      When you decide to start a business you may be met
      with money challenges. You may encounter friends who
      think your business endeavor is unfounded and ludicrous.
      You may have family members who think you're weird.
      This is nothing more than resistance so just be mindful
      that it can and is often very subtle.

      Second you must welcome Resistance. It is par for the course.
      If you buy a dog it will eventually bark. Whenever you seek to do
      something magnificent with your life there will be obstacles that
      try to upend you. If you know this going in then you will not get
      discouraged when Resistance shows up. You won't get up and
      will push through those barriers.

      Third we must stay the course no matter what. If your business
      endeavor is worth starting then its worth continuing. Keep your
      eye on the vision.