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    How do you gather China Market Information?

    Cosoft Newbie


      Whether you are debating on China market entry or just want to gather Chinese market information for your business development, why not transfer it to a provider from China? One may think I can do the job by myself with the support of internet or local information research provider. But soon you'll find the difficulty of this work because the information in English medium within China is not readily available as you thought.


      With more and more English educated personnel in China, any Chinese company of middle-sized can provide you a data research service in English communicated to you. Our company has several years of experience in this field, as well as had helped some companies from U.S. and Europe to enter into China market. We collect and analyze quantitative and qualitative information to provide reliable and effective solutions to you. We provide the understanding of the customers' opinions of the products and services giving you momentum in the right direction. We also offer foreign clients consulting services supported by our research analysts and databases on every segment of the market in China including macro economy, industrial development, government information, competitive analysis, business processes, Chinese corporate governance and management, and other specific subject requested by clients. If there is anything interested to you, you can leave a comment here or contact me directly.


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