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    How to better advertise an online art gallery

    cristian Newbie
      Hi everybody,

      Some month ago we went live with an art portal,
      The feedback we have got so far from the artist community was great. Talented artists are exhibiting very good artwork.
      The services are provided for free, though we monitor the quality of the items displayed there.
      My question to you is how to better advertise the website outside the artists community, that is how to atract visitors that will contribute with critiques, thus increasing the visibility of the site.
      Thank you.

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          LUCKIEST Guide
          How to better advertise an online art gallery, Welcome Cristian

          Really interesting question. I am a SCORE Counselor so let me ask a few questions. As you know SCORE is FREE.

          Do you have a Mission statement?? Has you or anybody in your group developed a business or marketing plan?? Where are you located?? Where are the artistics located?? What I am trying to find out is this local like one State or on the East or West coast??

          To increase visibility to your site, you might want to support a cause. Once you pick the cause, you can get local newspapers to cover what you are doing and maybe even have an event or a give away from an artistic who supports that cause. That falls under free publicity.

          How can I contact you?? LUCKIEST