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    One Crucial Marketing Resource

    InsciteGirl Wayfarer
      Hey all,

      I'm in the process of developing a site for free marketing resources/tools for small businesses. I know there are so many areas of marketing that small biz owners need help with. Can you help me out by contributing the following information? (all are welcomed to participate)

      1. What is ONE free marketing resource/tool that you feel you could benefit the most from? Why? (OR if you can't answer that) - What is your ONE biggest marketing challenge right now?
      2. What is your annual marketing/advertising budget for your business.

      With this information - I can develop a site that is actually useful to you all with free reports/tools targeting these issues. Thanks in advance for your participation.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          One Crucial Marketing Resource

          Sashee, The ONE free marketing resource / tool that I feel you could benefit the most from is SCORE.

          SCORE is FREE both in person and online.
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            LadyPR Wayfarer
            Hi Inscite Girl,

            I look forward to seeing how your free marketin resource for small businesses will turn out. As a small business owner I would say that one marketing resource I could use is a go to site for advertising rates and circulation numbers for magazines and online websites for a variety of mediums. Searching for the right places to advertise in could be a huge challenge and extremely time consuming.

            My business is looking into doing some pay per click advertising. It would be great to know what many different companies are offering, their reach, and their rates.

            I hope this helps. If you need additional ideas please feel free to visit my latest site: It's "A Girl's Guide to Doing Everything In Business Better." I have advice and tips and resources for small businesses. Your site may benefit from the expert interviews and postings and give you an idea of what is going and what experts are sharing.

            Please feel free to email me at when you get your site up and running. You can also follow me on twitter: @ladyprnews and I'd be more than happy to tweet it and share it with my followers.

            Yours in success,