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    Are you a workaholic?

    FashionGal Wayfarer
      What are some tips people have for maintaining a good work and life balance? Also, now that the holidays are nearing any tips for staying sane?
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          Ranger6r Wayfarer
          Uhmm - Sorry web master. I had no idea it would roll into another frame like that. Feel free to delete it. Leave it to me to break a nice site like this.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            No, I give up being a "workaholic" in the year 2000. Since then I play a lot of tennis and golf.
            Also spend a lot of time answering emails on this web site
            Don't let your work life and personal life get out of balance., your stress may be running high.
            work-life balance in today's frenetically-paced world is no simple
            task. Now that the holiday
            are nearing there is shopping (until you drop), unlimited parties and maybe bonuses.





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              LT Lawn Care Wayfarer
              I have no advice for workaholic's because I am the biggest one of all. I do everything for my business and would do more but there are only 24 hours in a day. lol!
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                Lighthouse24 Ranger

                Hello, my name is Lighthouse24 . . . and I'm a workaholic. ("Hello, Lighthouse!")

                My coping strategies (the tips which might help others) include practicing a healthy lifestyle (good diet, regular exercise, adequate sleep, etc.), establishing clear goals and priorities, having realistic expectations, and maintaining a positive life perspective. I guess I've always had the skill and temperament to approach and resolve problems logically, so that probably helps, too. Also, a few years back, I took some courses to develop a better understanding of human behavior (which has reduced the amount of frustration and stress I used to feel because of what other people did).

                Much of my career success and business advantages have come from not having a family (it's hard for guys who go home at 5:00 to keep pace with guys who don't go home at all). Of course, it would only make sense to work that hard if the work itself was directly tied to your mission in life. Mine is, so things are "in balance" for me.

                Perhaps that is one of the keys to "balance" for all of us -- knowing our specific individual purpose, and giving the most of ourselves and the best of ourselves to fulfill that purpose -- whether it's trying to redefine a global marketplace or raise a healthy, happy child.


                I wish you each the best in finding your balance.
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                  Ed O'Gee Adventurer
                  Schedule everything and stick to it. If your time for work is 8-5 then give 110% to work during that time but don't let work interrupt your life after 6. You gotta know where to draw the line.
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                    DomainDiva Ranger

                    I too am a workaholic. I have found that I am able to work on anything from work work to all the house stuff too ata ll hours of the day and night!!!
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                        smallbizcoach Newbie
                        I'm a workaholic.

                        I would consider myself a flexible workaholic. HAHAHA!

                        Typically, I work about 6 days a week and about 10-12 hours per day.

                        Whether its good, bad, or ugly....that's the way it is.

                        I have always said that I would work 140 hours a week for myself before I ever worked 40 hours a week in the corporate world again.

                        Like I said before, I am a flexible workaholic. I don't have any problems running errands for my wife during the day, taking a day or afternoon off to go golfing or shopping, leaving for the week to week part-time remotely, etc. In fact, in the past 5 months, I have taken about 4 weeks off (not totally off, but working remotely for 20 hours a week or less). A real job would never let me do that.

                        Here is the deal. I love what I do. When that changes, then I will change businesses. It's simple.


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                        DebbyBlitzLoc Adventurer
                        Finding a balance between work and home is different for everyone. For some working more than 40 hours a week is out of the question, while others work 60-70 hours a week and still feel as if they haven't put in enough hours.

                        I think the real determining factor has to be based upon one simple question, how happy are you? If you hate what you do for work and are spending more time there than with family and friends it is time to re-evaluate! If you are miserable at home and working insane hours in an effort to avoid going home it is time to re-evaluate.

                        Only the individual can know what they want out of life and if their priorities reflect that which is most important to them. We all need to take inventory of our daily lives and make whatever changes are needed to live our authentic lives. It is a personal decision, but one that should be examined and re-examined in order to make sure our lives reflect our priorities accurately.