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    Sole Propriator - Home Based Business

    JGREER45 Newbie
      To whom it may concern;
      First I would liuke to thank all that responded.

      I have committed myself into the retail world as an authorized reseller for two wholesale only products that together enable me to resell them as a single product to clients. The Personal Emergency Reporting System (PERS) commonly named a "Medical Alarm" is not new, what is new is the product I have chosen to compete with other simular companies. The unit I am dealing with is made by the same company that has supplied other successful companies that resell the OLD unit.This manufacturer still makes and warranties the old system. My unit is a replacement for the Old unit. The existing companies are not offering this NEW unit to their customers. They are in a situation that can be explained this simple. In order for them to offer this NEW system to their clients, they would have to change their existing sales material, offer the client a new system to replace the old one they have already placed and are making money with. The problem I see is what would they do with their existing units. They are of value and the idea of replacement is the cost. I don't have to deal with a replacement and my intension is to sell this new product to new customers.My service is the lowest priced and BEST DEAL out there.
      For a better idea of what I am selling, please visit my Web-site @ on Yahoo or Google.
      I have a buisness plan, customer sales info(alot), money recovery systems (Direct and PayPal) shipping, wholesale accounts for both products. I am set up as an Authorized Dealer for both sellers.
      I have identifed my market, elderly and needing family caregivers. I have rented 5 units during a trial period just to see if my ideas work. I have only used one caregiver to aid in these rentals.
      I am ready to start selling or renting this product. I have contacted some local caregiver companies and haven't heard from them. NOTHING. No Internet sales, tried the newspaper ad, nothing. What am I missing? All responces are of value. Thank-you all.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Thanks for sharing. Both SCORE and I would be happy to talk to you
          about your Business and Marketing Plans.
          Since I do consulting with Quickbooks, I would also be happy to help set you and your company up FREE.
          Contact me at "" if you want to go to the next level.
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            dukey41 Newbie
            you will find that your product is indeed necessary. no matter what you are trying to get out on the market, the market is closing up. People are scared of a recession, and your product is(in their thoughts) is a luxuary. Patience and a soft sell will do the job.
            There are too famy salesman out there trying to become wealithy qyickly. They try to pressure a person to buy the product. Talk to the people as(more of a feiend)mode. Give a little spiel; back off; and contact them in a few days later.
            DO NOT, under any circumstances, try the hard sell with the product you have and you will secceed. guarenteed. I have started 11 different businesses in my lifetime. I have found that the soft sell, not only works the best, but gives better repeat business, and diffinatily new business from word of mouth.