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    Prospect & Advertise at the same time on (What?)

    Spamfork Wayfarer

      A novel ideal from

      1. Create a free Manta member profile
      • Connect yourself to your company - which is probably already on Manta (or add a new one)
      • Add information about what you do, what you sell, or even your twitter account etc.
      • You decide what you make private and what you make public

      2. Visit the companies you want to do business with or the companies you want to sell to
      • A link to your member profile will show up on the company pages you visit
      • Other members will discover more about your business and have the opportunity to "connect" directly with you

      Give it a try - it's a new twist that connects companies to people. Manta members are gaining great exposure for their business while visiting other company pages on Manta. (It's all free)


      Browse all US companies by location, type of business, annual sales, number of employees, and more after setting up your profile.