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      I am searching for resources on to market a home-based HR consulting business in Connecticut.
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          Iwrite Pioneer

          The first thing to do is develop a marketing plan. Your local SCORE or SBA can help you with that. After you have developed your plan, then you will have clear idea of your target, how to best reach them and what is the message that best resonates with your target. Your marketing plan answer a lot of your questions, but this forum is also a great source of answers for specific questions.

          Beware of anyone who comes on here and tells you that interactive or print or broadcast advertising is perfect for you without first getting an understanding of your needs, goals and the business climate that you are in. You are going to want the best way to reach your target no matter where they are.

          You should be looking for solutions, not tools. First, develop your plan which will lead to a strategy and the strategy will dictate the best tools to accomplish your goals. But please, start with a marketing plan.

          I hope this helps. Good luck. And feel free to ask your questions here.

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