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    Non-Profit Corporation in Florida

    BLJRECEO Newbie
      I'm trying to obtain all the knowledge that I can so that I can get my Non-Profit Corporation (in Florida) started as soon as possible. I want to figure out what steps are needed, how much it will cost, and how I can go about raising funds. Any help would be very beneficial. Thanks.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Non-Profit Corporation in Florida

          Brian, I am a treasurer of a Non profit in New York. If I wanted to start a Non profit, I would do the following
          1) Develop a business plan
          2) Contact SCORE. SCORE is FREE

          Good luck
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            RanksIntl Adventurer

            What kind of non profit are you looking to start? Email me at the address in my profile, I can help!

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              nick1cpa Newbie
              Have you already prepared Form 1023 and filed it with the IRS? This is the form that the IRS will review to grant you tax exempt status.

              Will you be a public charity or private foundation?

              If you need help with these or other issues please contact me at my e-mail address. I do have experience with in accounting and tax returns for not-for-profits.
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                  BLJRECEO Newbie
                  It will probably be a private non-profit but I would like it to be a
                  public charity. I want to do different things with it that would help
                  low income communities. My first step is going to be to get it
                  incorporated with the State of Florida by filing the Articles of
                  Incorporation for a Non-Profit. However, this is where I'm stuck. I'm
                  trying to find the correct statement to put in the section for
                  "Corporate Purpose". I believe that there is a specific statement that
                  Non-Profit corporations must use, other that the "Any lawful business".
                  I plan on getting it incorporated this week. Then hiring a Non-Profit
                  attorney to see that I get approved for 501(c)(3) status by this